Local brand Vosk brings hope t

Local brand Vosk brings hope to underprivileged children, and look hella cool doing it

Vosk shoes is a proudly South African brand with a unique perspective on what it takes to build a successful brand locally… community.

Local brand Vosk brings hope t

Not community in the social media sense, you understand. No, these folks already have the cool factor down , what they’re aiming for is to donate shoes to children in need throughout Mzanzi.

Simple right? Well, it’s not as easy as just buying shoes if you’re looking at becoming a local hero. Nope, these okes want to employ South Africans to make their shoes locally and in doing so not just help employ a few people, but have those people put shoes on our people in need.

Pretty neat idea, but they need all our help to get them to their goal, so they started this kief INDIEGOGO campaign where y’all can go and donate to the cause. The shoes look awesome, so do the hoodies and T’s, but what’s even more awesome is these guys’ commitment to their community being the central theme running through their entire business plan.

Help us help others, so simple and yet we don’t get to see it often enough. Have a look at their video and check out the campaign. Midweek motivation, hells yes!