Leon Schuster

Photo of Leon Schuster. Image via Facebook @Leon schuster

Leon Schuster: Was ‘Citrus Ramaphosa’ a joke too far? [Watch]

Leon Schuster is one of South Africa’s best known comedians.. Here’s a joke about a very famous politician – made back in 1996. Was it too far?

Leon Schuster

Photo of Leon Schuster. Image via Facebook @Leon schuster

Leon Schuster is one of South Africa’s best known comedians.

He’s famous for blockbusters like the Mr Bones Trilogy, Mad Buddies, and Panic Mechanic. He’s practically part of South African history, and hired African actors and crew at a dangerous time for the local industry.

Once upon a time, he snuck in a joke directed at someone who would become president.

Can you guess who?

Presidential jokes aren’t new to anyone. In this case, the joke was made long before the subject became president!

Here’s more about one of Leon’s oldest jokes.

Leon Schuster: ‘Citrus Ramaphosa’

Panic Mechanic features classic Leon Schuster pranks mixed with a storyline.

One of the scenes shows Leon, dressed as a traffic officer. He’s selling atchar – but with a twist for the consumer. It’s too hot.

The atchar is ‘hot as hell’ and meant to be. It’s used as a successful plot device, sending the consumer running away.

That’s the point.

Schuster introduces someone to the different flavours. One stands out: Citrus Ramaphosa.

The joke is a clear pun on a famous politician. Remember that the politican wasn’t yet president back then.

Yes, Leon Schuster joked with Ramaphosa long before he became president.

Cyril Ramaphosa only became president long after the movie’s release.

Leon Schuster: Panic Mechanic

Panic Mechanic is one of Leon Schuster’s most famous films.

It was released in 1997, and broadcast as a television marathon almost every year for several in a row.

The story features other famous South African actors, including Tolla van der Merwe – another famous comedian.

He has called it one of his personal favourites.

Schuster has recently featured in an ad that pokes fun at his previous songs and career. He looks good, even after having recovered from spinal surgery.

We’re sure that many South Africans would thank him for the laughs!

Leon Schuster: A joke too far? [Watch]

Did Leon Schuster take the joke too far?

Do you consider it ahead of its time?

A YouTube user uploaded part of Panic Mechanic to the platform, featuring the iconic scene and presidential gag.

Watch the video and scene below.

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