Jub Jub smashes alcohol bottles on the ground viral video

Image via: Twitter

Watch: Jub Jub smashes alcohol bottles in viral video

Musician and television personality Jub Jub has stunned fans by viciously smashing bottles of alcohol on the road in a viral video.

Jub Jub smashes alcohol bottles on the ground viral video

Image via: Twitter

Hip-hop artist and television personality Molemo Maarohanye, also known as Jub Jub, can be seen taking to the streets to smash countless bottles of alcohol on the ground in a viral video — yes, we said “smash bottles of alcohol on the ground”. 

As of Thursday 20 February, the video has gone viral and has steadily climbed the trending list on Twitter. 

Jub Jub posted the video to Instagram on Wednesday, saying nothing but, “Stay tuned”. 

Since he was featured on episodes of Uyajola 99, fans thought the video could have alluded to a spin-off of the series. However, some Twitter users were not impressed, citing back to his criminal record.

In 2010, the artist and his mate Themba Tshabalala indulged in street racing in Soweto and allegedly killed four children and injured another two. The pair were sentenced in 2012.

Watch: Jub Jub smashes alcohol 


Here’s what can be seen in the viral video 

In the video, he can be seen standing in the middle of what appears to be a generous amount of alcohol bottles on the road. 

The glass bottles also appear to be quarts, instead of the regular size 330ml. 

Just as the video begins, Jub Jub can be seen smashing glass bottles with a golf club. He quickly puts that down and begins picking up the bottles and throwing them back down on the ground. 

He starts doing it much faster and smashing the bottles in all directions. A crowd, behind a camera with lights, starts cheering. 

He eventually tires, slows down and begins kicking the bottles until the video ends. 

Reactions to the viral video 

The Twitter streets were, to say the least, confused by the video. They wondered why the video was posted and what it was for. 

Was it meant to deter people from alcoholism? What message was it meant to send? Has he lost his mind? What’s wrong with him? were just some of the questions Twitter users asked. 

A Twitter user brought up his unruly ways by saying: “From killing kids to killing relationships now he is vandalising the streets? wow, this guy really doesn’t want to see South Africa peaceful.” 

Another user, including Gauteng Education MEC Panyaza Lesufi, priased Jub Jub’s actions. After all, it did back up his #AlcoholFreeSA campaign.

“Alcohol has destroyed our community, so what #JubJub is doing I support.” 

Twitter user

“For someone like me. A person who once had an alcohol problem. I won’t lie I find what Jub Jub is doing very satisfying,” said another user.