africas most endangered animals

In pictures: The ten most endangered animals in Africa [infographic]

These infographics break down the most endangered animals in Africa. What threatens them and just how badly endangered they are.

africas most endangered animals

Africa’s animal population is on a steep decline, and we all know it. The reasons for extinction and endangerment of these beautiful creatures vary from poaching to habitat loss to climate change, and whether we accept it or not, we all have our shares of contributions.

To help give you an idea of the scale and breadth of the problem, Tusk Photo, have put together an infographic looking at Africa’s most endangered, how many are left, and the threats they’re facing.

African Elephant

Although elephant habitats are now protected, less than 20% of these areas are under formal protection.

Riverine Rabbit

They live for up to 3-4 years and an average female produces one offspring per year, which is a major hindrance in the attempt to increase the population of the species.

Ethiopian Wolf

The Ethiopian wolf is the only species of wolf found in Africa.

Black and White Rhino

The Recent surge in poaching is driven by demands from Vietnam where it is consumed as a mark of wealth.


The latest census reports that these big cats might face another 53% decline in number in the next 15 years.

Mountain Gorilla

“Silverback” is the name attributed to the males because of the patch of silver hair that grows on their back and hips. The population of these majestic creatures suffered a steep decline right after their discovery in 1902, and it was assumed that they would be extinct by the end of the century. However, major conservation efforts have enabled them to return from the brink of extinction, although their existence still remains on the edge.

African Penguin

African penguins or black-footed penguins are the only species of the bird found in Africa. To date the major threat faced by these birds was when the MV Treasure, laden with iron ore, sank six miles off the coast of South Africa on 23rd June 2000.

African Wild Dog

African wild dogs, also known as “painted wolves” are different from wolves and other dogs in that they have 5 toes instead of 4.

African White-Backed Vulture

Africa is the home to 11 species of vultures. However, West Africa has already lost 90% of its white-backed vulture population, and the current population is on a steady decline. The biggest threat to these amazing birds is their own dietary habits. Vultures indicate the location of carcass, and hence of poachers. This has turned poachers to hunt these birds down.