Watch: Hyenas gang up against

Photo: YouTube/Kruger Sightings

Watch: Hyenas gang up against rhino [graphic video]

Watch as a cackle of hyenas take their chance with rhino in the Kruger National Park.

Watch: Hyenas gang up against

Photo: YouTube/Kruger Sightings

Hyenas have always been known as the opportunists of the wild as they take any chance they can get to steal another predator’s food. But, they also take any opportunity they can to go in for the kill themselves.

And that’s particularly true in the following video of a cackle of hyenas ‘ganging up’ against rhino in the Kruger National Park.

Yes, the new video of an injured rhino being attacked by hyenas was taken by sales representative, Danie Bester in the Kruger National Park. He caught up with Latest Sightings and explained the events of his experience:

According to Latest Sigthings, Bester did not make much if this sighting at first glance:

“But I stopped to have a look anyway. I noticed that the hyenas kept biting at a rhino’s backside and started wondering why? While the rhino was moving around trying to get the hyenas away I saw that the rhino was slightly injured and concluded that that’s why the hyenas were taking their chances.”

Bester said that he’s not sure how the scenario ended, but it was ‘definitely a once in a lifetime sighting’.

“I am not sure how the scenario ended but I really hope the rhino got away and lived to see another day…I was surprised at the courage the rhino had for taking on the second-biggest member of the big five and seemingly succeeding. After a few minutes of watching and filming, I really felt sorry for the rhino as it seemed helpless, even for its size – but this is nature in its rawest form.

“This was incredible, mesmerizing and just reminds us of how cruel survival can become in the wild. Even though this might be heartbreaking to watch, this is nature.”

Hyenas vs Rhino: Watch the video down here

It was further reported that some veterinarians did dart the injured rhino to see what was happening. It seemed as though the leg was broken from a possible fight with another bull rhino. The decision was made to euthanize the rhino as nothing further could be done.