How to keep your fur kid entertained while indoors

How to keep your fur kid entertained while indoors. Image credit: AdobeStock

How to keep your fur kid entertained while indoors

(Partner Content) Our fur kids love routine and structure as much as we do and while our ‘new normal’ does not really allow for that, we have found some innovative ways to keep both yourself and your FUR KID active during lockdown. If you have a big back yard or access to lots of space, you could just save these tips for a rainy day!

How to keep your fur kid entertained while indoors

How to keep your fur kid entertained while indoors. Image credit: AdobeStock

Have you noticed your Fur Kid getting a little “pot belly”? We know that keeping your dog active during this lockdown can’t be easy, especially if your FUR KID is used to long runs on the beach, playing fetch in the park or even going on morning runs with you.  

Scavenger Hunt – Human Kid Approved

Scavenger hunts are an awesome activity on its own! Hiding treats around the house will get your Fur Kids’ ”Spidey Senses” tingling. This is a great activity for those who live in apartment buildings. Hide the FUR KID in the bathroom, get the Human Kid’s to hide the treats and when they are done, unleash the beast! Now make sure you help the Fur kid find the treats we do not want un welcomed ANT guests, finding the lost treats. 

Hide and Go Seek/Marco POLO!!!!! – Of course, Human Kid Approved

This is a classic game for keeping all your kids entertained. Unless your Fur Kid is a Hollywood trained professional ,the best way to play this game with the whole family is as follows: 

• Pick who will be the FUR KID Controller.
• Decide in which order you’ll call your FUR KID
• Each person gets 20 seconds to find a hiding spot while the FUR KID Controller and your Fur Baby stay at the starting point.
• After 20 seconds each person hiding takes their turn and calls for your Fur Kid.
• Let the fun begin!

Whoever is found first has to return back to the FUR KID controller, with the FUR KID for a treat, before going back to find the next person. 

Remember the point of this game is to get your Fur Kid moving, take turns calling for your FUR KID so they don’t get disorientated! 

Go for a HALK! (House/walk) – Human Kid Approved

Get one of the human kids to create a pathway or even an obstacle course through the house, (you could incorporate a map as an extra learning opportunity) Clip on the leash and you’re ready to go! You could even turn this into a Scavenger hunt with treats along the way for both Kids! Your Fur Kid loves routine, the familiarity of the leash will create excitement, Especially if you do this at the same time every day.

Doggy/Kitty Parlour – APPROVED APPROVED

Grooming and maintenance for your Precious Fur Kid is just as important as it is for you. Just because your stylist and masseur are in lockdown ,doesn’t mean your Fur kid’s has to be.

There are so many videos on YouTube showing how to give a professional groom and massage to your Fur Kid. Schedule weekly sessions and get the Human kids involved! Have the Human Kids run a professional salon to earn their own special treats!


Now, if your staircase is steep, has a sharp turn, is slippery or has no banisters we do not recommend this game! But staircase run is a great way to get the Fur Kid’s heart rate up! Stand at the bottom of the staircase and throw your Fur Kid’s favourite toy to the top of the landing! You can also play this game as a family relay game, just make sure there is enough space and stay safe.

TRAINING 101 – Human Kid Approved

This is the perfect time to brush up on training. If your family just got a new pup, even better! There are many YouTube tutorials showing you how to properly train your new pup on the rules of the house. Incorporate the leash for teaching commands like HEEL, NO and STOP. This is the perfect time to teach and bond with your Fur Kid. Physical Stimulation is great, but don’t forget your Fur Kid needs Mental stimulation as well. Teaching an old dog a new trick can be a fun activity for the family.

TOYS R U – Definitely Human Kid Approved

Tug of War Toy – Take an old T-shirt cut it into strips and make a braid or knot and voila! A new tug of war toy. You can even get creative and hide a few treats in the new toy. Tug of war is a great activity for getting the Fur Kid’s blood pumping. Be careful not to pull too hard. This is a great way to improve your muscles while you at it. Another great toy to use in the classic game of ‘find your treat’ is cutting a hole into a tennis ball and filling it with a few treats, don’t make the hole too big! That should keep the Fur Kid busy for the next 40 minutes, Go, run! take a nap! Quick!


We have seen hilarious videos online of Fur Parents creating challenges to test the TP height that their Fur Baby can jump. Find a doorway that is clear of obstacles have the Fur Kid sit inside the room and start with 1 row of Toilet paper. Call your Fur Kid out of the room and see how many levels your Fur Kid can reach. After each successful jump add another row of Toilet Paper to see just how high your Fur Kid can jump! 

Why not also try:

• Watch a dog movie – We’ve heard the movie A Dog’s purpose is great
• Indoor fetch/ hallway fetch
• Outdoor sports like cricket, baseball — guess who will be doing the running?

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