How to fix DStv Now Error

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DStv Now error has fans fuming: Viewing tips

Here are a few tips and tricks which may just cure the dreaded DStv Now error.

How to fix DStv Now Error

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A serious DStv Now error plunged the streaming service into darkness on Sunday night, leaving many South Africans irate and unentertained.

It couldn’t have happened at a more inopportune moment. The broadcasting roster was jam-packed with international sporting events and series finales. DStv Now – the streaming subsidiary of MultiChoice – began to buckle shortly after millions of South Africans settled down for an evening of digital entertainment.

DStv Now; literally a showstopper

The final day of the English Premier League (EPL) – undoubtedly one of DStv’s greatest drawcards – was thrown into disarray, as viewers, who had logged on to watch the nail-biting season finale, were met with a black screen displaying a variety of equally disconcerting error messages. Enraged viewers immediately took to social media to voice their frustrations.

Unfortunately, the situation didn’t improve and, despite the initial public outrage, DStv have remained mum.

Many subscribers hoping to watch the Spranish Grand Prix race were left hanging at the starting blocks. MNet’s famous Sunday night movie, which began at 20:00, was also unavailable to DStv now users.

DStv Now eventually issued a brief statement, noting that their technicians were on the case. The statement said:

“We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Our technical teams are aware of performance issues on DStv Now and have been working round the clock to resolve. This is due to the Optimization that’s currently being done to improve the overall viewing experience.”

After most of the evening’s entertainment had passed, the streaming service returned to some form of normality, more – but not all – subscribers being able to access DStv on their laptops, cellphones and tablets.

Streaming service returns… for a short while

With a massive drop in numbers during the early hours of Monday morning – after disgruntled users had given up on trying to remedy their woes – DStv Now reported that the issues had been brought under control. This timely repair occurred shortly before the much-loved, multi-award winning Game of Thrones series – much to the relief of ardent supporters who burn the midnight oil for their entertainment fix.

Still, the glory was shortlived. On Monday morning, many users continued to report streaming issues. The “500 error” message – the most frustrating of notices – returned to plague subscribers. DStv Now has not yet issued a follow-up statement.

Tips to remedy the DStv Now error

Here are a few tips and tricks which may just cure the dreaded DStv Now error but be aware that, in most cases, the problem lies with DStv and not with your browser. In other words, until DStv Now manages to identify and solve the issues, you’ll just have to hold tight. It won’t hurt to try the following though, as recommended by DStv Now, itself.

  • Log out and back into the DStv Now app
  • Clear your browser’s cache
  • Restart your browser
  • Refresh the landing page a few times