10 of the most memorable house

10 of the most memorable houses featured in movies [photos]

Which fictional houses, mansions or apartments in movies do you dream of actually living in? Here are 10 fan-favourite houses featured in movies:

10 of the most memorable house

Thanks to movies, people can see their dream home on a large scale, fully decorated with their favourite movies stars staying in them. Here are some of the most captivating houses in cinematic history:

1. The Great Gatsby

As of last year, the early-20th-century mansions that inspired the set design of Baz Luhrmann’s 2013 film went on the market for a cool $85 million. According to Trulia  the 14,551 square-foot colonial-style mansion sits on 7.7 acres of gated land on Long Island’s Kings Point, in an area of the North Shore that inspired F. Scott Fitzgerald’s fictional West Egg in The Great Gatsby.

2. The Holiday


Kate Winslet’s little cottage in Surrey, England stole the hearts of many for being cozy, snug and downright charming. In the movie, the cottage is situated in Shere, a pretty, idylic village with a population of under 4,000 in the Guildford district of Surrey, reports Location Hub. Even though the cottage was specially built for the movie and is actually non-existing as of today, it’s still a dream for many to stay in.

3. Under The Tuscan Sun

Hooked on Houses

The charming Italian villa Diane Lane buys on a whim in the movie Under the Tuscan Sun was filmed on location in Tuscany in Villa Laura. The house wasn’t actually remodeled for the film, according to Hooked on Houses, instead the crew just “cleaned it up a little and filmed it in warmer, prettier light,” according to writer-director Audrey Wells.

4. Father of The Bride

In this classic 90’s movie starring Steve Martin, the ‘father of the bride’ plays basketball with his daughter in a quaint suburbia neighborhood.  From that moment, people all over fell in love with this classic 1925 Colonial revival house set in Alhambra, California.

5. Iron Man

iron man mansion
YouTube/Iron Man 3 Trailer
tony stark mansion
YouTube/Iron Man 3 Trailer

Iron Man’s house surely is spectacular – with an Iron Man suit and robots to go with it. Tony Stark’s house is located in Malibu and essentially micro-controlled by a computer called Jarvis. The house also features a gym, a bar, a bedrooms, a pool, a helipad and much more.

6. The Notebook

Hooked on Houses Hooked on Houses

Who could ever forget the white house, with it’s blue shutters that Ryan Gosling fixed up for Rachel McAdams in the romantic Nicholas Sparks fan-favorite, The Notebook.

7. The Proposal

Hooked on Houses

Apparently the beautiful, cedar shingle and stone house that’s supposed to be situated in Sitka, Alaska, is actually located in Manchester, Massachusetts. But, everyone can agree  the 9-bedroom, 10-bath house where most of the rom-com takes place is a stunner.

8. Cheaper by The Dozen

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Another Steve Martin fan-favorite, Cheaper by The Dozen actually has two houses worth a look. The Baker family home and of course the Murtaugh family lake house in Cheaper by The Dozen 2.

Image result for cheaper by the dozen 2 house lake

9. It’s Complicated

Hooked on Houses Hooked on Houses

Leave it to Meryl Streep to stay in the most beautiful house. The Spanish hacienda-style ranch that Meryl Streep owned in the film It’s Complicated with the tile roof, the wide veranda, the beamed and vaulted ceilings in the living room, or the sumptuous kitchen is simply exquisite.

10. And lastly, The Grand Budapest Hotel

Model of the Grand Budapest Hotel
Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

The Grand Budapest Hotel doesn’t actually exist, it’s a miniature model, but that didn’t stop Wes Anderson fans from locating the director’s unique style in the everyday world. According to The Telegraph The Grand Budapest Hotel is the culmination of Wes Anderson’s career. A gathering of everything he’s ever learnt and “applying it to a tale that contains literary and visual echoes of every other thing he’s done”.

Just imagine!