Who drives worse

Who drives worse: Gen Zs, Baby Boomers or Millennials? Picture: Supplied.

Here’s WHY 25-year olds are more likely to CRASH their car

Latest crash data reveals that if you’re 25-years of age or older, you’re more likely to be involved in a vehicle accident.

Who drives worse

Who drives worse: Gen Zs, Baby Boomers or Millennials? Picture: Supplied.

Before we reveal concrete data as to who drives worse, which generation do you think it is? Be sure to let us know in the comments section below, and why. The real answer may surprise you …

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MasterDrive CEO, Eugene Herbert, looked into the topic of who drivers worse, with the help of data gathered from the National Highway Traffic Administration (NHTA). So which generation drives the worst do you think?


likely to have a crash
Data reveals which age group is more likely to have a crash. Picture: Supplied.

Millennials are broadly defined as anyone born from the early 1980s to 2000. As this is such a large group, they are further broken down into Elder Millennials (35-44 years old), and regular Millennials aged roughly 25- to 35-years old.

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And would you believe it, according to the data, this generation of Millennials, are the most dangerous drivers on the road. They account for the most accidents, the most fatal crashes and the second-highest percentage of driving while distracted (DWD). Those between 35 and 45, Elder Millennials, is the second worst group.


likely to have a crash
Older drivers are less likely to have a crash. Photo by MARCO LONGARI / AFP)

The safest are drivers between aged between 63- and 72-years old, otherwise known as Baby Boomers. This group was involved in the least amount of crashes, averaging only 14 per 100 000. From there, in a battle of who drives worse, we have the Gen Zs.

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Gen Zs are those born from the mid-2000s onwards, are therefore aged between 18 and 24. This group averages 44 per 100 000 which is still high, but not as high as Elder and regular Millennials.


likely to have a crash
Picture: Supplied.

Further analysis reveals interesting information about each generation. Drivers from 35 to 44 – Elder Millennials – have the highest number of alcohol-related crashes. Conversely, Gen Zs appear to be more cognisant of drink driving with one of the lowest percentages driving under the influence.

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However, this immediately doubles as soon as they reach the legal drinking age. Gen Zs are also more easily distracted while driving and most likely to speed. Baby Boomers keep their reign as the best with the fewest instances of DWD which saw a major increase since the pandemic started.

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