Unathi shared the secret to her banging body. Image via Instagram: @unathi.co

Former ‘Idols SA’ judge Unathi says the secret to her banging body is food!

‘You can’t out gym a bad diet’: Unathi Nkayi just shared some killer advice for reaching those body goals you’ve been yearning for.


Unathi shared the secret to her banging body. Image via Instagram: @unathi.co

South African musician and radio personality Unathi Nkayi continues to wow people with her amazing physique. A few years ago, the former Idols SA judge embarked on a weight loss journey and hasn’t looked back ever since. She recently shared the secret to her curves – and surprisingly – it’s food!

Unathi says her body was sculpted in the kitchen, not in the gym

Unathi is killing it on Instagram and never misses the opportunity to share snaps of her banging body. The media personality’s physique has changed dramatically over the last few years and let’s just say, her followers are in awe.

Many of them have been hounding her with questions about her weight loss and fitness routine and she has finally decided to let everyone in on her big secret.

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According to an Instagram post made by the 43-year-old “fitness bunny” made on the 24 of February last week, the secret to her success is not how much time she spends in the gym but rather what she prepares for herself to eat in the kitchen.

She says that she tries to eat clean most of the time and has swapped most “unhealthy” foods with healthier alternatives. She also warns her supporters that going to the gym while eating unhealthily will never give them the body they are after.

Some of her food choices

“You always ask me to share what I eat and as imperfect as I am in that aspect I do know that you CAN NOT out gym a bad diet.

“I try to eat clean most of the week. I try to eat things that are as close to their origin as possible as found on earth. So I opt for sweet potato, potato, and rice as my carb options as opposed to pasta and bread.

“I have become lactose intolerant which amuses my lil humans coz I love ice cream, cheese, yoghurt, etc but I have to avoid those things.”

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