Dietary supplements and their benefit for our health

Dietary supplements and their benefit for our health. Image credit: AdobeStock

Dietary supplements and their benefit for our health

(Partner Content) In this article we will dwell on reasons why you should try dietary supplements.

Dietary supplements and their benefit for our health

Dietary supplements and their benefit for our health. Image credit: AdobeStock

A dietary supplement is a composite substance that is not a medicine and is used with food intake; it can also be included in its composition. The first dietary supplement was invented by a chemist who went to prison. He wanted to enrich the meagre prison diet. If you’re interested in trying some dietary supplements, visit our website following this link, and choose something for you.

To look beautiful 

If you are not happy with the reflection in the mirror, the color of your face, the condition of your skin, hair, nails, morning awakenings turn into torture, fatigue and loss of energy are constant companions, besides, you are a resident of a metropolis, there are bad habits, stress, it’s time to think of whether hypovitaminosis can be the reason for everything.

To get essential nutrients

The total number of chemical compounds or micronutrients that we must receive every day is at least 150-170. Micronutrients are substances that are found in food in trace amounts and we need daily in certain proportions. These are vitamins, minerals, trace elements, individual amino acids, fatty acids. Half of them are essential, that is, irreplaceable, they cannot be synthesized in the body and are also absent in modern food. A long absence of at least one of them can cause premature deterioration in health.

Balance and availability

It is difficult to get all vitamins and microelements from food, not only because of the excess calories’ intake, but also because it will be extremely problematic to balance the menu on your own, and the micronutrient content can vary significantly in vegetables and fruits depending on the season. That’s when biologically active additives (BAA) come to the rescue, concentrates of natural substances isolated from food raw materials of animal (including marine), mineral, vegetable origin, or substances obtained by chemical synthesis that are identical to natural analogs.


BAA have prophylactic properties if they enter the body in the right quantities, proportions and combinations.

The difference between dietary supplements and medicines

Unlike medicines, dietary supplements to food help to compensate for micronutrient deficiencies, which can lead to a deterioration in well-being. That is, dietary supplements are needed for the prevention and normalization of deficiency conditions, and medicines are needed for the treatment of already developed diseases.

Supplements are produced in various forms, in the form of balms, extracts, tinctures (for alcohol), infusions (without alcohol), creams, dry and liquid concentrates, syrups, tablets, powders, etc.