These fitness trends are taking TikTok by storm. Image via Unsplash

These fitness trends are taking TikTok by storm. Image via Unsplash

Simple fitness: Cosy cardio is the latest TikTok workout craze

Cosy cardio is the latest fitness trend to hit social media and sees people getting in their daily dose of cardio while relaxing.

These fitness trends are taking TikTok by storm. Image via Unsplash

These fitness trends are taking TikTok by storm. Image via Unsplash

Cozy cardio is the latest fitness trend to TikTok by storm with a total 7.5 million views and counting. Because so many of us struggle to find and stick to fitness routines due to the time and effort it takes, TikTok users have jumped on to a new and arguably much simpler fitness trend — cosy cardio.

Cosy cardio basically sees people doing cardiovascular exercises while relaxing — yup you read that right.

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What exactly is “Cosy Cardio”

Recently, TikTok creators launched a movement to change the way people approach working out.  

This relaxed yet efficient method of exercising is all about incorporating comfort, and peace into a workout. 

Simply, Cosy Cardio is exercising from the comfort of your own home in a relaxing environment.  

Several TikTok users have demonstrated their cosy cardio setup, creating a relaxing environment with mood lighting, candles, protein shake, and wearing comfy pyjamas, whilst walking on an Under Desk Treadmill in front of the television watching Netflix. 

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A number of fitness trends have taken TikTok by storm.

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This trend isn’t just cardiovascular, as users are also light weight training and conducting core workouts. 

What are the benefits? 

Kyle Risley, founder of Lift Vault says, 

“There are several benefits to this workout approach, particularly for those whose don’t feel extremely confident going to the gym or lack the motivation to physically go to the gym during the colder months. 

“Several users are challenging themselves to complete a cozy cardio session every day for 30 days. 

“This workout is generally sustainable, as it’s something you would generally want to do regularly. Therefore, common reasons to skip a workout such as time, weather or travel won’t impact a cozy cardio workout. 

“This can particularly a great solution for those who work in an office and are wanting get home and get cosy and wind down, whilst still burning calories. 

“If you are looking to substitute this kind of workout for a gym membership, this method will also save you money.” 

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