binge eating

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Healthy eating: Binge eating myths you should ignore

There are many myths surrounding binge eating, or emotional eating as it is also referred to.

binge eating

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Time, continued research, as well as greater tolerance from both the public and medical community, have helped to eliminate some of the myths connected to binge eating.

A few binge eating myths

Binge eaters don’t have willpower

Binge eating cannot be overcome by willpower. If it were that easy, then all binge eaters could break the pattern without any problems at all. Binge eating is a disorder that requires techniques, support and certain tools to help break those old eating habits in exchange for newer, healthier ones in order to improve both your psychological and physical health.

All binge eaters are overweight

One of the biggest myths regarding binge eaters, is that they all tend to be obese. Weight has nothing at all to do with binge eating, compulsive overeating, or emotional eating. Binge eaters who happen to be obese will, besides the fact that they are overweight, also be using their habit to fight other symptoms connected to the disorder, such as guilt, depression, and other negative feelings.

It can be cured with weight loss surgery

This is a fallacy of note, because even if the binge eater does lose weight after surgery, it won’t fix the problem as to why the person binge eats. Most times, whatever it was that prompted a person to binge in the first place, is still at the back of the person’s mind and frequently shows up again, as soon as their body has adjusted to the surgery.

After being diagnosed, you’ll have it for life

It must be understood that binge eating disorder is not a life sentence! Just like all other psychological conditions, this disorder can also be overcome with the correct treatment and support.

Despite all the myths surrounding binge eating, the bottom line is that people can and do recover. It might take a bit of time and you might have to make a few changes to your lifestyle, but it is not some type of ball and chain that you will be burdened with for the rest of your life.

Like many other things, it will become nothing more than one of the few other lifestyle choices you have made for yourself.

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