gorilla glue girl

Tessica Brown used a can of Gorilla glue spray instead of hairspray on her tresses – with disastrous results. Image via Instagram @im_d_ollady

Free at last: Surgeon helps ‘Gorilla Glue girl’ get her hair unstuck

A caring doctor spent four hours in surgery to restore the tresses of hapless Tessica Brown, aka the ‘Gorilla Glue girl’.

gorilla glue girl

Tessica Brown used a can of Gorilla glue spray instead of hairspray on her tresses – with disastrous results. Image via Instagram @im_d_ollady

Tessica Brown, aka the “Gorilla Glue girl”, is finally free of her glue hair nightmare. Brown learnt the hard way that she couldn’t replace hairspray with glue spray, but luckily for her Ghanaian-born Dr Michael Obeng stepped in to help.

Los Angeles plastic surgeon Obeng spent four hours in surgery working on Brown’s gluey head, reportedly performing the $12,500 (about R183,000) procedure for free.

TMZ reported that Obeng did the sticky procedure on Wednesday after Brown’s hair had been stuck fast for a month.

The “Gorilla Glue girl” was finally able to let out a sigh of relief and run her fingers through her hair once Obeng was done, saving her from the horror of a “permanent” hairstyle.

Gorilla Glue girl’: The back story

What do you do when you are getting ready to go out but run out of hairspray? Um, use the next available “hairspray”, right? Someone should have told 40-year-old Brown that an adhesive spray intended for use wood, stone, metal, ceramic, glass and other materials was not the best alternative.

Social media went into a frenzy after Brown posted a video of herself last Friday 5 February, asking for help after she used Gorilla Glue on her hair.

She did this because she thought Gorilla Glue Spray would be a quick fix, only the results were definitely not what she was expecting. Brown had styled her hair in a ponytail, and the glue made it completely stiff and solid.

Social media in a frenzy over Gorilla Glue girl’s hair

After vigorously washing her hair 15 times, using numerous treatments and even taking a trip to the hospital, “Gorilla Glue girl” was frantic as her hair still wouldn’t budge. She shared a video to get advice on her predicament.

Social media users were fascinated and eagerly waited to see how things would turn out for Brown. The video has been viewed more than 16 million times on TikTok and almost four million times on Instagram.

Watch the ‘Gorilla Glue girl’ video here:


Dr Obeng saves the day for ‘Gorilla Glue girl’

Just when everyone had given up hope, Obeng came forward and saved the day, his efforts earning wide-spread praise on social media.

Obeng, who was born in Ghana but lives in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. He was able to remove the glue from Brown’s hair and actually save her hair at the end of it.

“All it took was a combination of medical adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil and acetone,” Obeng explained.

‘Gorilla Glue girl’ grateful to Dr Obeng

The procedure took four long hours to complete and the successful outcome left Brown emotional and very grateful.

Here’s how the procedure unfolded:


More about Dr Michael Obeng

Dr Michael Obeng allegedly has a bit of a rogueish background. Image via Twitter @MaS1banda

His caring gesture aside, it didn’t take long for internet users to dig up dirt on Obeng. It turns out the plastic surgeon was once married to a woman from a reality show on E! called Second Wives Club and has eight children from several marriages.

The marriage allegedly ended because of Obeng’s continuous cheating.

“Great doctor, horrible spouse,” read one comment.

In a statement released before her treatment, the company that makes Gorilla Glue said it was sorry about Brown’s mishap, but was not responsible. The product “is not indicated for use on hair as it is considered permanent”, the company said.