Kamala Harris is on the run: C

Kamala Harris Image via twitter @VP

Kamala Harris is on the run: Can US secret service keep up? [watch]

Memorial marathon: Watch a secret service agent struggle to keep up with US Vice-President Kamala Harris as she jogs up and down the stairs at the Lincoln Memorial.

Kamala Harris is on the run: C

Kamala Harris Image via twitter @VP

A video of Kamala Harris jogging up and down the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial trended on Twitter as viewers noticed her accompanying secret service agent struggling to keep up with her pace.

Athlete Bobby Tran spotted the vice-president and the “Second Gentlemen”, her husband Douglas Emhoff, “stepping up the pace” at the Lincoln Memorial when Tran went to view the Glass Ceiling Breaker dedicated to Harris on his daily run.

Running into ‘Madam @VP’

“It was amazing running into Madam @VP during our 5 miler this morning! ????. We checked out the @TheGlassCeilingBreaker display dedicated to her then noticed that she and @SecondGentleman were actually running steps at the Lincoln Memorial behind us ????????” he wrote in the caption.

Tran also pointed out that that he loved how supportive Emhoff was of Harris.

“I also loved how he waited atop the steps to give her a supportive ???????? too! #coupleswhorunogether ????????,” he added.



Tran took a video of Harris running steps and the video was reposted to Twitter racking up more than 4.3 million views. In the 30-second video, the Vice President is seen in all black workout attire jogging up and down the stairs and a secret service agent, dressed in a black suit, struggling to keep up with Harris’ pace.


Twitter users were fascinated at how the secret service agent struggled to keep up with the Madam Vice-President’s jogging and took it as an opportunity to poke fun at the agent.

Here are tweeps’ hilarious reactions:



The “Glass Ceiling Breaker”, which was unveiled on 4 Febraury, is a portrait of Harris made of broken glass. The portrait is a metaphorical version of the glass ceiling that Harris shattered when she became the first female vice-president and the first black woman and first woman of South-Asian heritage to occupy office.

The portait was created by Swiss artist Simon Berger based on a portrait of Harris taken by photographer Celeste Sloman which shows Harris gracefully looking upwards.


Proud husband Emhoff took to Twitter to show the portrait to his 1.3 million followers:

“I had to see for myself this new art installation honoring @VP  Kamala Harris. It’s incredible. #glassceilingbreaker.”

Watch more about the portrait here,

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