New report explores how Gen Z

Photo: Pixabay

New report explores how Gen Z confronts uncertainty

A new report revealed some interesting facts about Generation Z, also referred to as Gen Z. Here’s what you need to know:

New report explores how Gen Z

Photo: Pixabay

Over the last couple of months, inZa Lab conducted surveys among Gen Z participants in the United States and compiled the State of Gen Z Report to explore the psyche of this diverse generation.

At 24, the oldest Gen Zers have recently, or will soon be graduating from college and entering an uncertain economic landscape amidst great political, environmental, and social turmoil. Their younger counterparts are following suit in and being more cautious in their decision-making. In South Africa, the percentage of the South African population that was classed as Gen Z, between the ages of 0 to 24, was 46% as of 2019, representing almost 27.5 million people.

“What we already know about Gen Z was amplified during this pandemic: They’re resourceful, creative, and always connected. But we’ve also seen another side come to life: their commitment to social justice,” said Jin Kim, the founder and CEO of Creative Digital Agency.

Who exactly is Gen Zers?

  • Gen Z is the most ethnically diverse generation
  • Born between 1996 and 2010
  • First generation of entirely digital natives

Some interesting facts about Gen Z

  • Over 80% of Gen Zers primarily access their news through mobile news apps, an overwhelming increase from last year’s 19.9% who received news through mobile apps. 
  • A new category emerged this year, with 22% of Gen Zers receiving their news through Podcasts. 
  • 68.7% of respondents say that social media has positively helped them stay connected with their friends during COVID019.
  • But 86.9% of Gen Zers will give up social media when asked to choose between music and social media. For the second year in a row, Gen Z has shown preference for music over social media.
  • It is evident from the survey that Gen Zers are very passionate about the environment, immigration and gender equality.

What’s more is that 34% of Gen Zers realistically expect to own a home between the age of 30-34-years-old. They also intend to work in the following industries:

  • Health Science Technology
  • Human Services (includes Education, Government, Public Safety, Law, etc.)
  • Business, Management, & Administration
  • Communications & Information Systems (includes: IT, Arts, Audio/Video Tech)
  • Engineering, Manufacturing, & Technology (includes: Architecture, Construction, Science, Mathematics, Transportation, Distribution & Logistics)

Their first election

The report also revealed that for the first time, a majority of Gen Zers are eligible to vote in a presidential election. 73% of Gen Zers surveyed responded
that they are planning to vote in 2020.