Cape Flora SA

Cape Flora SA wins big at the Chelsea Flower Show for South Africa. Image: Sven Musica//Fotor

Fynbos: Cape Flora SA wins BIG at 2024 Chelsea Flower Show

Cape Flora SA has snaffled a golden medal for South Africa this week at the acclaimed 2024 Chelsea Flower Show for its fine fynbos …

Cape Flora SA

Cape Flora SA wins big at the Chelsea Flower Show for South Africa. Image: Sven Musica//Fotor

Cape Flora SA has added its name to the record books, securing a gold medal for South Africa at the world-renowned 2024 Chelsea Flower Show. Held in Chelsea, London, and hosted by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS), a contingent from South Africa had proudly flown our flag on the world stage. The fynbos display was also awarded best in show.

According to Western Cape government, Cape Flora SA (CFSA) and Managing Director of De Fynne Nursery near Paarl, Jacky Goliath, are the reason behind Mzansi’s success. 2024 marks the 37th gold medal for South African fynbos displays since 1976. And the South African display was voted as the favourite by many flower enthusiasts attending the show.


Video: Leon Kluge/YouTube

Speaking from the show, Jacky Goliath said: “The South African team has been well received. Being part of the team and working with our national plants is so exciting. Everyone is excited to see South Africa back at the show. It is an honour to represent South Africa and showcase the diversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom,” said Goliath.

Fynbos flowers are one of the Western Cape’s biggest income-generating exports. Cape Flora SA accounts for 90% of South Africa’s cut-flower exports. In terms of global export markets, it’s valued at a staggering R85 million and provides income to countless communities in rural areas.


Cape Flora SA
Gold medals for Cape Flora SA’s fine fynbos are not uncommon over the decades-old competition. Image: Western Cape Government

According to Cape Flora SA’s Karien Bezuidenhout, the growth of cut-flower exports has triggered modernisation and innovation within the industry. “This has led to higher product quality, which has benefitted sales both domestically and internationally. The growing demand for fynbos products in international markets is immense. And it provides livelihoods for stakeholders and communities all around the country,” concluded Bezuidenhout.

On the Chelsea Flower Show gold medal, Western Cape Minister of Agriculture Dr. Ivan Meyer said: “Our victory showcases the unique fynbos of the Western Cape. With the ever-increasing export of fynbos-cut flowers, there will only be more commercial benefits for all.”

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