Sebabatso Molefi updates on Old Mutual.

Sebabatso Molefi updates on Old Mutual. Image via Twitter @joy_zelda

Sebabatso Molefi shares outcome with Old Mutual

Disgruntled social media user, Sebabatso Molefi shared an update of her meeting with Old Mutual on Tuesday, 12 March.

Sebabatso Molefi updates on Old Mutual.

Sebabatso Molefi updates on Old Mutual. Image via Twitter @joy_zelda

Popular social media user, Sebabatso Molefi has revealed the outcome of her meeting with Old Mutual on Tuesday, 12 March.


Molefi said she and her mother’s lawyers, Morolong Inc., met with Old Mutual on Tuesday morning.

“The meeting was positive. Old Mutual tabled two options towards a full and final settlement of the matter.”

“We have requested further information/ clarity on each, subsequent to which we will take the final decision,” she wrote.

She previously trended on X after revealing that her mother had been given the runaround by Old Mutual in paying out her pension.

“Dear @OldMutualSA please advise why you are refusing to release my mother’s money even though a court order has been provided. You are in contempt of court, and I am about to lose my cool right now.”

She added that her mother invested her pension money into Old Mutual. A court order dated 14 December 2023 ordered the company to make two payments to a trust account of their client attorneys.

Her post went viral and was viewed by more than a million people, who took to social media to share their own bad experiences with the company.


Old Mutual told The Citizen on Monday, 11 March, it was “committed to finding a solution.” The company added that they’d like to apologise for the way they’ve managed the outcry on social media.

“Our reluctance to engage and debate on X stems from the complexities of the case and our desire and duty to protect the personal information of the individuals concerned.”

“We need to ensure that our compliance with the court order is consistent with our obligation to comply with the pension funds law and tax law. Our intention is to ensure the parties are paid.”

They added that they are investigating ways to solve the problem and will be meeting with the family this week.

Image via Twitter @seba_s_m