Images via Twitter and Facebook: @AdeolaAriyo/Zenzero Restaurant

Tweeps boycott Cape restaurant after Nigerian model cries discrimination

Zenzero in Cape Town has come under fire after the manager turned a customer away who was dressed ‘inappropriately.’ They have since apologised but tweeps are not having it…


Images via Twitter and Facebook: @AdeolaAriyo/Zenzero Restaurant

A Cape Town restaurant has come under fire after the manager refused a Nigerian model access into the establishment because of the way she was dressed. Taking to her Twitter page, Adeola Ariyo shared a clip of herself outside the Italian restaurant wearing a crop top, jeans, and a jacket.

The restaurant has since issued an apology but tweeps are still boycotting the place…

Nigerian model accuses Cape Town restaurant of discrimination

Cape Town restaurant Zenzero is facing a ton of online backlash after the manager who works there refused to allow Nigerian model and influencer Adeola Ariyo access.

Shortly after she was turned away, she headed to Twitter where she shared a clip of herself explaining how the manager told her that she was not wearing “smart casual”. According to the manager in question, her top was not a crop top but rather a bra.

“So this happened,” she captioned the video of herself wearing the outfit that was deemed “inappropriate.”

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South Africans are left feeling far from impressed

The comment section quickly filled up as many South Africans shared how they were also subjected to the same treatment at that restaurant and many other restaurants in Cape Town. A lot of them also agreed that her fit was far from inappropriate and advised her to take her money elsewhere.

@HlumelaFinca said:

“This happened to me and my friends in a restaurant called Bilboa in camps bay .. they basically said that we were dressed provocatively and that their restaurant doesn’t allow that. We were wearing summer dresses”

@tnvenge said:

“They once denied me a table at this place because they were “full”. So I went next door. Did I not see dozens of fairer-skinned patrons walking in casually. Didn’t look like they’d made reservations either! Sorry for your experience but wow that place Put litter in its place symbol.”

A “half-hearted” apology

The restaurant has since issued an apology to the TV presenter on their Instagram page:

“The Kove Collection is deeply saddened to have been involved in an incident at Zenzero yesterday, Saturday, 11 September. Our team has made contact with the patrons involved and keeping all parties updated throughout this process.

“We do not condone any form of discrimination and will be dealing with our management internally. We would like to issue an apology to anyone affected or offended by this incident and are looking to rectify it immediately,” they wrote.

Restaurant discrimination: Tweeps aren’t having it

Despite the apology, many South Africans were still not having it. Many of them pledged to boycott the restaurant in the form of bad reviews about it online.

While it is still at an above-average 4.2, many comments have been added from people who are calling it “racist.

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