South African Murukku

South African Murukku recipe: Image via Studiosea on Canva

Recipe of the Day: South African Murukku [Video]

Do you want a savoury snack that’s really crunchy, a bit spicy and looks really cool on the table? Try this South African murukku recipe!

South African Murukku

South African Murukku recipe: Image via Studiosea on Canva

Are you somebody who loves snacks and trying new things in the kitchen. What about going fully traditional and try something brought to South Africa via South India. This South African murukku recipe will provide you with the crunchiest, most savoury treat that’s also really fun to make thanks to the spirals.

Murukku is typically made from rice and urad dal (lentil) flour. The other ingredients can involve water, salt, chilli powder, asafoetida and either sesame seeds or cumin seeds. However, everybody has their own preferred tastes, but this is a great place to start. You will also need a murukku machine, but the recipe video below shows you the whole process step-by-step.

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South African Murukku recipe

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