Perfect rack of lamb

Perfect rack of lamb. Image by topntp26 on Freepik

Recipe of the Day: Perfect rack of lamb [Video]

If you love a good braai but also have a taste for high-end dishes, you’ll love this perfect rack of lamb with a nutty flavour and roasted vegetables.

Perfect rack of lamb

Perfect rack of lamb. Image by topntp26 on Freepik

Have you ever wanted to make one of those comically fancy racks of lamb with beautifully “Frenched” or cleaned bones sticking out of the tender meat? You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make the perfect rack of lamb, even if it is a bit hands-on. If you have a pizza oven, you’ll have an even better time surprising your friends and family.

The recipe below even gives you a recipe for incredible roasted vegetables to go along with the rich lamb. The compound butter rub is filled with spices and will perfectly flavour the meat along with the nutty flavour from the browned butter. If you love a braai but want something fancy for dinner, this is the recipe for you.

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The perfect rack of lamb recipe

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