One-pot chicken and rice

One-pot chicken and rice. Image via Freepik

Recipe of the Day: One-pot chicken and rice [Video]

If yoiu’re in need of an easy weeknight meal, this one-pot chicken and rice meal is going to become a new family favourite.

One-pot chicken and rice

One-pot chicken and rice. Image via Freepik

If you don’t have a lot of time to cook tonight, you might want to make something simple and tasty for dinner while not worrying about having too many dishes. That’s why this one-pot chicken and rice dish is going to become your new faovurite weeknight meal. It’s a healthy protein and carbohydrate meal that will keep you hitting those important nutrients while being as delicious as possible.

Not only will the basmati rice be super fluffy, but after rinsing, cooks really quickly and soaks up all of those juices from the chicken and sauce. The chicken becomes super tender and holds all of those beautiful spice flavours. There are no side dishes needed but feel free to add a fresh green salad on the side for some crunch and colour.

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One-pot chicken and rice recipe

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