One-pan chicken thigh dinner

One-pan chicken thigh dinner. Image via Freepik

Recipe of the Day: One-pan chicken thigh dinner [Video]

Have a tasty weeknight dinner with as little effort as possible. Try this one-pan chicken thigh dinner with your whole family.

One-pan chicken thigh dinner

One-pan chicken thigh dinner. Image via Freepik

We don’t always have time to cook elaborate dinners, especially during the week. If you don’t have much time, great meals can be made in a single pan just like this one-pan chicken thigh dinner. There’s something so satisfying about cooking a rustic meal which has the tastiest outcome that you whole family will enjoy.

Grilling the chicken first deepens the flavour is it browns while the spices add flavour and dig into the tender chicken pieces. The chunky vegetables will be soft and juicy while also helping to keep the liquid from evaporating so that you’ve got a lovely sauce to enjoy with the bed of fluffy rice you’ll be serving it on. The recipe below takes your hand and shows you exactly how to make this simple chicken dinner.

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One-pan chicken thigh dinner recipe

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