malva pudding

Malva pudding with creamy custard. Image: Marele van Zyl.

Recipe of the Day: Microwave malva pudding [Video]

This weekend when you have friends over for a feast, serve them a true South African favourite dessert with this microwave malva pudding recipe.

malva pudding

Malva pudding with creamy custard. Image: Marele van Zyl.

We’re all super busy and sometimes even when we love cooking, we don’t always have the time to do it. If you’ve got friends coming over for lunch or dinner, you don’t want to spend tons of time preparing all of the dishes and that’s where the microwave can be a lifesaver. You should try this microwave malva pudding this weekend.

Malva pudding is a tasty cake-like dessert soaked with apricot jam or sauce and often covered int ice cream and custard. This recipe takes a few minutes to prepare and then popping it into the microwave and it comes out soft, sweet and perfectly wholesome. It’s a quick way to make one of South Africa’s favourite desserts.

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Microwave malva pudding recipe

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