Homemade Cape Malay roti

Homemade Cape Malay roti. Image via Frrepik

Recipe of the Day: Homemade Cape Malay roti [Video]

No matter the weather or dish, you’re going to want to make these homemade Cape Malay roti for your whole family.

Homemade Cape Malay roti

Homemade Cape Malay roti. Image via Frrepik

If you’re a fan of South African food, chances are good that you love some Cape Malay cuisine. Other than tasty curries and wholesome dishes, you also have great sides. This homemade Cape Malay roti is the perfect addition to your stews, curries and creative dishes that you’re about to feed your family.

This fried pancake is flaky and buttery, giving you crunch and flavour with every bite. Fill them with all kinds of curries and roll or fold them to have the perfect bite every time. Roll come curry mince in them like a pancake, top with bechamel and cheese before popping into the oven and find out what a real treat tastes like.

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Homemade Cape Malay roti recipe

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