Pork Roast with Red Cabbage and Dumplings -

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Pork Roast with Red Cabbage and Dumplings for Celebration lunch

A delicious Pork Roast with Red Cabbage and Dumplings is the best and only way to spend your Sunday. It’s the perfect celebration of family, friends and food.

Pork Roast with Red Cabbage and Dumplings -

Image: Unsplash

Are you somebody who loves cooking for their family? Do you enjoy finding new recipes that inspire you to create something incredible that isn’t just food, but a flavour journey? Do you have memories of big Sunday lunches with a spread that would make royalty feel jealous? We present you with this Pork Roast with Red Cabbage and Dumplings recipe. When you create this feast, there will be stunned silence other than the clanking of cutlery on a plate as people dig in and stuff their faces with your amazing food.

A pork roast takes time and this is one good example, but don’t worry, it’s not a five hour cook. The pork will be aromatic and tender from the beer and incredible spices you’ll be using. The skin will be super crispy and be the perfect bit of texture to the party. Sweet and sour red cabbage is packed with lots of other flavours and textures. Bread dumplings are a great way of using slightly stale bread and is improved with herbs and lots of butter. The trip to the grocery store will be well worth the effort and while cooking, your house will smell so inviting that the neighbors will want to join in the festivities.

A delicious Pork Roast with Red Cabbage and Dumplings is the best and only way to spend your Sunday. It’s the perfect celebration of family, friends and food.

Pork Roast with Red Cabbage and Dumplings Recipe

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Recipe by Louise Liebenberg Course: MainCuisine: GlobalDifficulty: Moderate


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  • Pork roast
  • kg pork belly roast with fat and skin on

  • salt

  • sugar

  • 1 1 carrot, chopped

  • 1 1 leek, chopped

  • 1 stick 1 celery, chopped

  • onions

  • 5 stalks 5 of fresh thyme or 1⁄2 teaspoon dried thyme

  • 150 ml 150 cream

  • 60 ml 60 beer

  • Bread Dumplings
  • 600 g 600  stale, firm bread rolls

  • 3 3 onions, finely chopped

  • 3 tbsp 3 butter

  • 450 ml 450 milk

  • 3 3 eggs

  • 6 tbsp 6 parsley, chopped

  • 9 tbsp 9 butter

  • Red Cabbage
  • 750 g 750 red cabbage, outer leaves removed

  • 3 3 onions

  • 3 3 bay leaves

  • 6 6 cloves

  • Granny Smith apples

  • 6 tbsp 6 schmalz or duck fat

  • tbsp sugar

  • tbsp white wine vinegar

  • salt

  • white pepper

  • 450 ml 450 chicken stock or broth

  • 3 tsp 3 cornstarch

  • 3 tbsp 3 cranberry jelly


  • Pork Roast
  • Remove the pork an hour before cooking from the fridge. Preheat the oven to 230°C. Cut skin crosswise, about ½ cm deep. Place the pork into a sieve in the sink and pour two litres of boiling water over. Using a cloth, dry the pork as much as possible.
  • Season the meat well with salt. Rub sugar into the skin part. Place the pork skin side down in a deep baking tray. Add 375 ml of boiling water to the tray and cook for 60 minutes on the lowest position in the oven. Halfway through, add more hot water.
  • Cut carrot, celery, leek and onions into 2 cm pieces, and add to the roast after 60 minutes.
  • Turn oven down to 180°C after the first hour. Cook for a further two hours, adding water from time to time. Turn the roast over and grill the skin for golden crackling.
  • Remove the liquid from the tray and blend until smooth. Add thyme, cream and beer. Bring to a boil and reduce for five minutes. Season with salt, pepper and a little sugar.
  • Slice the pork and serve with the sauce.
  • Bread Dumplings
  • Using a grater, remove the skin from the rolls. Cut the rolls into thin slices and place in a bowl. Chop onions fine and cook in the 3 tablespoons of butter until translucent. Add the milk to the butter/onion mix and heat until warm, then pour over the sliced rolls and let sit for 10 minutes.
  • Add egg, parsley, salt and pepper and mix together. With damp hands, form six even-sized balls and drop them into a large pot of boiling, salted water. As soon as the dumplings are in, turn heat down to medium and simmer for about 20 minutes until fully cooked.
  • To serve, heat the 9 tablespoons of butter in a large pan and let it foam. Add the dumplings and cook for 2 to 3 minutes, then serve.
  • Red Cabbage
  • Cut cabbage into quarters, remove stalk and slice thinly. Dice 1½ of the onions. Take the bay leaves and, with the help of the cloves, stick them into the other 1½ onions.
  • Peel and quarter the apples, remove pips and slice thinly. Heat fat in a large pot, add diced onion and cook until translucent. Add cabbage, sugar, spiced onion, apple and cook for five minutes while stirring.
  • Add vinegar, salt, pepper and then the stock. Cover the pot with a lid and cook on medium heat for 45 to 60 minutes.
  • Mix the cornstarch with 2 tablespoons of water and add to the cabbage. Stir until well combined. Add cranberry jelly and season to taste.

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