wine trends 2022

The growth in champagne sales was stellar in 2021. Image: Supplied

Rosé my way! Top 10 wine trends to watch in 2022

From sustainable wine production to growth in champagne sales, here are wine trends to watch in 2022:

wine trends 2022

The growth in champagne sales was stellar in 2021. Image: Supplied

If you are in the wine industry, a wine connoisseur or simply a wine lover, fine wine merchant, James Pietersen, has made a few predictions of what he thinks will trend when it comes to the wine industry throughout 2022:

1. Rosé my way

Rosé continues its rise! This year, look out for rosé wines made in Provençal style – with a light, summery bouquet and dry, refreshing palate. Just perfect for summer sipping by the pool!

2. Popular varietals

There’s an increasing number of great old-vine Palomino and Colombard wines on the market, following in the footsteps of the old-vine Chenin Blancs which have seen great success. Palomino is a white wine grape from Andalucia, southwestern Spain, while Colombard is a French white wine grape variety from Charentes, the home of Cognac.

3. Proudly South African

South Africa’s fine wine image is still on the up what with international commentators continuously commending the great value of our wines on offer.  

4. Swirling & sipping

Due to the COVID-19 era, home consumption of wine has experienced an increase in quality. This year, Pietersen expects the movement towards “drinking the very best at home” to be further established.

5. Food x wine

Gourmet experiences at home have certainly taken centre stage. Forced to stay in during the pandemic, many more wine drinkers have taken to cooking and experimenting with pairings at home, and this trend is set to continue.

6. In-person wine experiences

For those who are allowed to mingle again, wine events will be crucial this year. We have already seen a great increase in demand for in-person, shared wine experiences in South Africa.

7. Local is lekker

With a growing focus on supporting the local industry, consumers will look to purchase local fine wines. Try the monthly Wine Cellar Insiders case for a curation of the finest local and international wines. Or browse a selection of our favourite local wines on

8. Champagne in high demand

The growth in champagne sales was stellar in 2021, as demand outstripped supply and many top cuvées were continuously sold out. It’s likely that we will see more of that this year.

9. Sustainable wine production

Pietersen anticipates that this will continue to demand attention as fine wine consumers are now increasingly demanding social, environmental and economic focus from wine producers.

10. Wine x investment

The growing interest in investment-grade South African wines and avid interest in wine auctions such as Strauss & Co wine auctions will continue to create scarcity of our country’s very finest wines.