Meet South Africa’s very own ‘

Photo: christystrever/Instagram

Meet South Africa’s very own ‘Food Selfie Queen’ [photos]

Christy Strever has been crowned the “Food Selfie Queen” of South Africa. Find out how she started to create her unique art over here:

Meet South Africa’s very own ‘

Photo: christystrever/Instagram

Christy Strever, SA’s very own ‘Food Selfie Queen’, who takes “pics with food for fun”, is going viral with her artwork on Instagram.

It is said that for many professionals in the food or photography realms, food selfies have become marketing cornerstones. From chefs to food critics to cookbook creators to food bloggers, culling a large social media following can be used to create real-world gravitas. And for Christy, this is no different.

SA’s very own ‘Food Selfie Queen’

According to Good Things Guy, Christy is a trained chef who went to London for a few years to gain more expertise in the food game. When she returned to the City of Gold, she came across a picture of a lady with a pineapple on her head and thought to herself… “hey, that looks awesome; I want to do that!”

And so Christy immediately raided her fridge and found an orange which became the inspiration (and start) of her food selfie journey. She said that she also started the project by googling abstract make up, finding interesting pictures on Pinterest and then using the inspiration to create the ultimate food selfie shots.

A foodie of note

Even though she is a qualified chef, she hasn’t worked in a kitchen since 2010 but is still absolutely in love with food. Therefore, she decided to express her love for food in another way.

“I also Love food,” she said. “I think food is fascinating, especially food markets! Ah, I love my food markets.”

The chef, who is also a photographer, also bragged to the publication that Gordon Ramsay follows her on Instagram.

“Obviously, one of my heroes in the kitchen is Gordon Ramsey, and now he follows me on Insta! With any luck, he won’t unfollow me,” she explained.

Or course, many adore her Instagram feed. She reminds some people of Katy Perry who has done elaborate food photoshoots over the last couple of years.

“You could be in a @katyperry video clip,” one social media user commented. “How have I missed this account???? You are a legend babe!” said another.