Five canvas art ideas for your home

Five canvas art ideas for your home. Image credit: Supplied

Five canvas art ideas for your home

(Partner Content) Around the world, more people are reinventing the wall space in their homes and changing their aesthetic.

Five canvas art ideas for your home

Five canvas art ideas for your home. Image credit: Supplied

One of the most popular trends in 2021 has become the arrangement of canvas art along walls in the home to create a unique design, and it is one that can easily be adapted to ensure that it stays trendy and relevant.

There are many ways in which you can spice up spaces in your home with canvas wall art from many artists and suppliers such as Pixalot, and the following five are the top ideas on how you can give any room in your home new life.

1. Abstract Art Canvases

The movement involved with abstract and modern art is one of the genres that contains visuals that may be confusing to some people, yet it holds a substantial amount of creative depth and creativity.

Abstract canvas art can provide a journey into the different senses while bringing different sensory experiences together into one masterpiece.

2. Nature Canvas Art

Nature canvas art can be found across a variety of genres from landscapes, animals, nature photography, and several others. This provides your home with a softer, more “outdoorsy” feel. 

Nature canvas art is considered one of the most diverse things in the universe with a plethora of subjects that can fit any aesthetic perfectly.

3. Dramatic Wall Art

The walls of many modern homes, especially those in cities, are often adorned with local cityscapes, different species of animals, and various other topics. Using dramatic wall art gives you the opportunity to reach for the unexpected, allowing you to truly grab the attention of your guests and providing a unique conversation starter.

Here, you can consider macro photography, or aerial photography of busy city streets to draw the attention to a particular wall in your home.

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4. Frame your own Photography

Many people may prefer stock images, works by local and international artists, and other designers. However, one trend which has become increasingly popular is using your own photography. You do not need to be a professional photographer to proudly display your work; it is your home and personal space and therefore, your preference which matters.

You can easily create dynamics between casual and formality while you can fill personal spaces such as the bedroom, bathroom, living room, and any other home where you want a personal touch.

5. Sets and Collages

Even though it is popular for walls to be adorned by a singular piece of art, sets and collages are trending in 2021. By using small canvases as part of a larger wall piece, or sets of canvases, you can easily draw the eye of your visitors, especially when these canvas pieces are used to tie the room together.

Large spaces with open walls should inspire you to create a full-wall masterpiece which can feature smaller canvases with similar topics, or you can use various topics that will tie the entire piece into one.

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