‘Really Ramaphosa, are you oka

KZN resident Nontokoza calls out President Cyril Ramaphosa. Image via Twitter @MaZuluOmuhlez.

‘Really Ramaphosa, are you okay?’: Tweeps react to angry resident [watch]

A KZN resident has asked President Ramaphosa to go Kenya or ‘leave us alone’. However, Kenyan tweeps have politely declined the offer.

‘Really Ramaphosa, are you oka

KZN resident Nontokoza calls out President Cyril Ramaphosa. Image via Twitter @MaZuluOmuhlez.

A video of a KwaZulu-Natal resident named Nontokozo calling out President Cyril Ramaphosa live on SABC news, trended on Twitter, on 13 July. 


Nontokozo, a resident of Greenwood Park in Durban was livid at President Cyril Ramaphosa as she explains that it is becoming very hard to live after the looting, possibility of food insecurity and the surge in prices of essentials at what seems to be a local supermarket.

Live on SABC News, the resident holds up a pack of 10 toilet rolls that she had to pay R24 for as she expresses her anger at the situation.

“Hello, this is Nontokozo from Greenwood Park in Redhill. So now we are getting very very hard to live. Look what I’m having now. You know how much is it? R24 and do you know much is this? Is this the life that we are going to live?” she said. 

“Really Ramaphosa, are you okay? Really? I’m not scared anymore. Its either you kill me or not,” she continued. 

The resident thereafter gave the President an ultimatum. 

“It’s either you go to Kenya or you leave us alone,” she concluded.

This follows the effects of the riots and looting that have been taking place in South Africa. The riots and looting started in KwaZulu-Natal following the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma for contempt of court. The unrest quickly moved to Gauteng and parts of Mpumalanga. 

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Since being posted, the video racked up over 140 500 views in under 24 hours with 639 retweets and 2300 likes.



Kenyan residents have seen the video and have said they have their own problems and would prefer not to be involved in South Africa’s unrest right now. 

A Tweep then jumped in to explain what the resident  meant. 

“Really Ramaphosa” thereafter trended on Twitter and “Twitter representatives” for Uganda, Tanzania and Somalia have all declined Nontokzo’s offer of President Cyril Ramaphosa.

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