February gets an extra day in

February gets an extra day in 2024: here’s why

February is the year’s shortest month, with only 28 days from start to finish. Here’s why it gets 29 days this year.

February gets an extra day in

February is the year’s shortest month, with only 28 days from start to finish.

If you looked at a calendar, you would notice that this month has 29 days instead. Calendars haven’t switched to March yet, and it’s because of the leap year.

During a leap year, the second month has an extra day.

Here’s why there’s an extra day during this month, and a total of 29 days.

February gets an extra day in 2024

February has 28 days during a normal year’s cycle.

It’s the shortest month of the year, and usually celebrates Valentine’s Day. This year is a special one, giving the month an extra day because of leap year.

Leap year only happens once every four years.

The last time this happened, was four years ago!

Why February gets an added day

According to Time and Date, leap years exist because the year has 365 days.

The 365 days are measured according to the Earth’s rotation. However, there’s a change every four years – and the adjustment of leap year brings it back together.

February has an added day every four years.

This explains why!

February 29: Leap years and birthdays

There are many births on 29 February.

Does it mean that people born on this date will only celebrate their birthday every four years?

Well, no, not technically. If you were born on 29 February, most people celebrate their birthday on the month’s last day.

If you were born on the 29th day, celebrate on the last day – and have a bigger party every four years!

Lunar events

The next full moon happens on March 25, 2024.

If you’re here to ask about the moon phases, watch towards the end of March for ths next full moon phase.

According to Full Moonology, it’s called the Worm Moon – or sometimes the Grass Moon. Remember to look up at the sky.

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