Trendsetters: Why the upside d

Photo: Shudufhadzo Musiḓa/Instagram

Trendsetters: Why the upside down bikini trend is making a comeback in 2021

Over the years, celebrities have taken to Instagram to show off string bikinis styled in not-so-traditional ways. Here’s the latest bold trend:

Trendsetters: Why the upside d

Photo: Shudufhadzo Musiḓa/Instagram

Wearing a bikini top tied upside down is the bold fashion trend that will hit the beaches and poolside come summer 2021.

How to wear your bikini upside down

It is said that Kylie Jenner, Bruna Marquezine, SA’s Shudufhadzo Musiḓa and other celebrities’ have already sported the trend.

According to Lofficiel, the styling trick transforms the bottom of the bikini, leaving the pleated parts of the piece in the center instead of the side.

The Kardashian craze

Distractify reports that the coolest part of this trend is all of the different options this gives you to customize your swimsuit. While you could go the traditional route and still have a trendy look, many celebs and influencers have been expressing their creativity by finding quirky ways to tie the top.

Kourtney Kardashian, for example, tied the bottom strings of her suit so that they crossed in the front, giving her an entirely new look.

It wasn’t long after when all of the Kardashian sisters got into the craze.

How it all started

Model and Instagram influencer Valentina Fradegrada started the trend back in 2018, according to The TabAfter showing off her first look with her creative twist on the average string bikini, Valentina started an Instagram account dedicated to the trend. On the account, she reposts others who have shown off their own spin on it.

The account has over 74 000 followers at the moment.

Celebrity stylist Rochelle White said that the trend might be popular again because it’s a good way to be sustainable and change the look of your bikini without buying a new one. It also enhances a woman’s underboob and highlights their assets in a ‘different way’, she explained according to The Daily Mail

Talk about sustainability

“I think this look is being hyped thanks to being seen on the Kardashians, various models and influencers and of course social media”, said Rochelle further. “It has been a trend that has been creeping in, I feel, since summer 2020. I feel that women want to enhance and show off more underboob and it provides a different way or look to your bikini. Some people could rock the same bikini but in a different style, it works well as a cost-saving and sustainability item, which a lot of people are wanting to do and be part of.”