TikTok Fashion

Image: Joshua Chun/Unsplash

TikTok fashion flash: 10 trends that have gone viral

From oversized T-shirts to tie dye creations…here’s 10 must-wear clothing items on the TikTok fashion hot list.

TikTok Fashion

Image: Joshua Chun/Unsplash

While Instagram popularised Kardashian-inspired outfits and makeup, TikTok has showcased popular Gen-Z fashion subcultures, such as athleisure, VSCO girls and more.

We have rounded up 10 TikTok fashion staples that will surely motivate you to shake off your lockdown pj’s and jump into a trending outfit for a day out.

1. Oversized graphic tee


If there is one thing, we have noticed about TikTok over the past few months, it is that expressive fashion statements can become quite literal with a graphic tee.

This oversized gender neutral fashion staple is all about comfort in every setting. Simply pair it with a biker shorts or denim jeans and you will be good to go.

2. Distressed denim jeans

If TikTokers are not seen wearing high-rise leggings or sweatpants, they are almost always seen wearing ripped jeans. 

No one knows why, but by simply scrolling through your ‘For You Page’ for less than one minute, you are bound to see multiple videos featuring distressed denim jeans.

The distressed details of these jeans give that chilled vibe popular with the ‘VSCO girl’ crowd. 

If you are not into s tight fit style, then try a loose-fit pair which is roomy enough for even the hardest dance challenge.

3. Sarongs

Do you remember when was the last time you thought about wearing a sarong?

After seeing TikTok star Addison Rae wear this fashion staple on repeat, many TikTok users decided it was time to up their swimwear game with the chic item.

As warmer weather is approaching, simply pair the sarong with your favourite swimwear, a sassy Savage dance and you will have a TikTok video worth the ‘For You Page’.

4. Crop tops

Even if you are still figuring your way around the app, you might have guessed that this fashion trend was going to pop up at some point. 

TikTokers are absolutely crop top crazy.

Everyone has some sort of crop top in their closet, but none own more than TikTok star Daisy Keech. She loves to pair hers up with sweatpants, mom jeans or a swimsuit bottom.

5. Tie-dye

During the stringent coronavirus lockdown period, for many DIY tie-dye became a hobby for time spent at home. 

But as regulations began to ease, for those who spent hours on the TikTok app, purchasing this eye-catching fashion staple was non-negotiable.

With over 2.8 billion creations #tiedye is one of the most popular fashion staples on TikTok.

From T-shirts and tube socks to hoodies and sweatpants, tie-dye loungewear is here to stay as these creators have proven it is their go-to TikTok look.

6. One-shoulder tops

The one-shoulder top is quickly sweeping TikTok, users are all for it. 

The trend has gained respect in the fashion community as well, which gives us something to feel extra good about when buying into the warmer weather top trend.

7. Shirts with baggy crewneck


Believe it or not, this is one trend that is hitting hard on TikTok right now.

It may be because chilled loungewear is the unofficial uniform of TikTokers everywhere, or because it looks super cool while you are dancing – either way, the bigger the better.

This gender-neutral layered look gives off carefree vibes, especially when the crewneck is adorably oversized in a vintage style.

8. High-rise leggings


When it comes to athleisure, leggings are displayed in excess on the app. 

This might be since crop tops are popular with the TikTok audience and a good pair of high-rise leggings look great with any crop top. A bonus would be its comfortability for dance challenges.

9. Sheer printed shirts


Trendy young TikTokers are rocking this sheer fashion staple everywhere.

From butterflies to animal prints, these loud tops are working all kinds of wonders on their wardrobe. The item is extremely versatile and can be paired with a bottom of your choosing.

10. Two-toned clothes

Cannot decide on only one colour? No need to worry because two-toned fashion is in. 

While this might just be the most random trend of all, it is one worth noticing on TikTok due to the eye-catching nature.

From pants to sweatshirts, two-spliced fabrics and colours are better than one. It is easy to see why these TikTok users love it.