Steve Harvey fashion

Steve Harvey dazzles with his sense of style
Image via Instagram

Suited to perfection: Steve Harvey becomes a meme with stylish look [pics]

Fashion ends but drip never dies: Steve Harvey has won the praise of South Africans with his savvy and suave sense of style…

Steve Harvey fashion

Steve Harvey dazzles with his sense of style
Image via Instagram

It’s undeniable – Steve Harvey is one smooth – and stylish star!

The 64-year-old actor, TV and radio presenter has won the praise of his fans with his fashionable looks posted on social media.

From tailored suits to trendy casual looks to everything in between Steve has definitely upped his style game.

South African viewers have even hailed the Family Feud SA host – who has become a regular on the social scene – as their “rich uncle”.

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The father of seven went viral this weekend with one of his best looks yet – a suave suit with a matching shirt and tie in various shades of green. 

The look attracted much attention – it even became a popular meme in Mzansi!

Some tweeps claimed he looked an awful lot like a member of SA’s biggest faiths – the Zionist Christian Church…

Others claimed his regular visits to South Africa have rubbed off on Steve, who is currently married to his third wife Marjorie.

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And then there were those who compared him to a number of famous TV characters; like the Green Goblin, “Poison Harvey” and even a player from Squid Game.

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Walking that talk

Powerful in pastel…

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Fit for a king…

Bold & the besuited…

Blue steel…