Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts Image via Twitter @nj_sullivan

The dapper drummer: Charlie Watts’s most fashionable moments [photos]

Charlie Watts was an impeccable drummer with an amazing sense of style. He was always kitted out in suits – whether he was behind the drums or not. Take a look…

Charlie Watts

Charlie Watts Image via Twitter @nj_sullivan

The passing of the Rolling Stones’ star drummer Charlie Watts has left a hole in our hearts, but we’ll never forget his charming smile and killer outfit choices. Watts passed away on Tuesday 24 August at the age of 80.

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Charlie Watts wasn’t just your ordinary drummer. Every time he sat behind a drum kit, he would be impeccably dressed. One cannot deny that he kept it simple but, simplicity is key.

Chatting to GQ in 2012 about his style, he mentioned that he has an old-fashioned and traditional style of dress. 

“I get embarrassed. I always felt totally out of place with the Rolling Stones. I just mean the way I looked. Photos of the band would come back, I’ll have a pair of shoes on and they’ve got trainers.”

He also shared that he got into tailoring at a young age because of his father. “In those days you’d have a little Jewish guy in the East End in London who made you thing,” he said.


A few Rolling Stones fans took to Twitter to share their favourite Charlie Watts looks. 

One tweep shared that if he could remember the Rolling Stones drummer’s style of drumming in one word, it would be “crisp”. The tweep continued to write: “Just like his sharp-suited fashion style.” 

A Rolling Stones fan remembered Watts as “a fashion icon”.


Tailor for Bespoke Tailors in London, Michael Browne, had this to say about Charlie Watts: “For me, he’s probably the most stylish Bespoke client I’ve ever met.”

He also mentioned that Watts was the kind of client that every tailer dreamed about because there was always a lot of thought into how he wanted his suit to look.