‘Passage’: Solange debuts fash

‘Passage’ gallery by Ibrahem Hassan. Image via Instagram @saintheron

‘Passage’: Solange debuts fashion film featuring six emerging designers

Beyoncé sister Solange Knowles combines theatre and fashion in her new fashion film titled ‘Passage’, featuring six emerging designers.

‘Passage’: Solange debuts fash

‘Passage’ gallery by Ibrahem Hassan. Image via Instagram @saintheron

American singer Solange Piaget Knowles has created a fashion film, titled Passage, alongside her newly established creative studio Saint Heron for The International Woolmark Prize (IWP) that features six emerging designers. The fashion film was released on 3 June. 


Passage was written and created by Solange and directed by award-winning director Wu Tsang. IB Kamara styled the production that goes through the stages of creation – contemplation, courage, optimism, vulnerability, discipline and strength. 

“The Saint Heron Agency & the Woolmark Company present “passage,” a motion portraiture reverencing the process of design and creation in an allegorical amalgam of visual poetry,” according to Saint Heron


Through the six acts, the film echoes themes of conjuring and ceremonious celebrations to embody the expressions of each designer. Passage features the 2021 finalists of the International Woolmark Prize. 

The International Woolmark Prize according to Forbes is an Austrailian founded organisation,  leading incubation programs fostering and celebrating exceptional talents and showcasing the beauty and versatility of natural fibers with their annual awards program. The program occurs within an 18 month cycle including education, mentorship, networking, early-stage funding and a global wool supply chain access.

The featured finalists are Bethany Williams, Casablanca, Kenneth Ize, Matty Bovan, Lecavalier and Thebe Magugu. One of these designers will take home the grand prize, whose previous winners include industry giants such as Valentino Garavani, Karl Lagerfeld, and Yves Saint Laurent.


The singer-songwriter, who is the younger sister of Grammy award-winning songstress Beyoncé, revealed that she was inspired by a six act play where scenes were concentrated motions between stage, nature and surrealism. This became the theme of the film.

“These garments get no autonomy in the bodies who inhabit them. I began my own meditation on this process. This led me to write a 6 act play where the scenes are concentrated motions between stage, nature and surrealism. echoing themes of conjuring and ceremonious celebrations, the film creates an abstraction to embody the various expressions and textures of each designer,” said Solange Knowles according to Saint Heron.

She added her interest in theatre and performance has also been a driving force behind the fashion film.

“As I further my interest in theater and performance I am continuously thinking about new ways to communicate via the stage. how to use light, sounds, gestures, music, movement to say a multitude of things without saying anything verbally at all. “Passage” affirms that ability with imagery that champions,” she continued.