white tee t-shirt men's fashion

Depending on its cut, a basic white tee can be a staple men’s fashion item.
Image: Canva

Men’s celebrity fashion: 10 trends to look forward to this spring

For a celeb-style nudge, check out these 10 men’s fashion trends popping up for spring.

white tee t-shirt men's fashion

Depending on its cut, a basic white tee can be a staple men’s fashion item.
Image: Canva

Men’s fashion is starting to freshen up with the arrival of a new season and original trends.

Get inspired for your next shopping trip by checking out these 10 men’s fashion trends, ideal for warmer weather.

1. Basketball shorts


Spring takes shorts up a gear by adding a floatier, baggier and more intimate aesthetic.

The trend is all about wearing shorts with more street style. Materials like cotton or silk allow for maximum comfort and ease.

Paired with a basic tee, these basketball shorts serve as a warm weather outdoor-party style.

2. White short-sleeved tee


A white short-sleeved tee is one of the basics for spring as the humble T-shirt has transformed into a wardrobe option that can be worn with almost anything.

Some are finished with buttoned pockets while others are plain and simple. If you are looking to kick this fashion staple up a notch, get it oversized and draped.

3. Cargo trousers


Men’s cargo pants have most clearly made a comeback in celebrity collections.

The cargo style is as versatile as it generally comes in a variety of earthy tones. You can wear these pants to a less formal workplace or for a casual night out.

4. Single-colour tracksuits


We could not be happier about this all-season trend.

There is something brilliantly low-key about tracksuits in one solid colour, it makes you think of a social media influencer’s feed.

Masculine yet soft, it is the safety blanket of your grown-up wardrobe. And the baggier the better.

5. Pocketed pants


This season you’ll probably see multiple-pocket pants everywhere.

A key fashion staple – aside from the famously infamous safari jacket – is pants with plenty of pockets. And they are 100% functionable this time around.  

The look may be considered extreme, but check out how musician Khalid wears it.

6. Printed shirt


Every guy should have a boxy, collared shirt with a print of their choice to say, “Hello summer”.

The short-sleeved printed shirt is a timeless fashion staple on the runway too. If you are looking to style the shirt another way, try adding a white vest under and wear it open.

Celebrity Miles Teller pulls off the look effortlessly.

7. Denim jacket


The sharp-shouldered denim jacket is the mark of a rebellious and on-point wardrobe.

Part sexy, part dangerous — the best denim jackets for this season are studded, fleeced, or ripped.

There are alternative hues to classic blue, and the best way to wear your jacket is with a pair of ripped jeans.

8. Co-ord


Over the past few seasons the co-ord, which is a matching pair of shorts and short-sleeved shirt, has become a go-to fashion look.

You can reimagine it in several ways. In fact, from matching denim jean-and-jacket combos to silk shorts and shirts, the co-ord can be anything you want it to be. Just so long as it is coordinated!

Look at Keeping up with the Kardashians’ Scott Disick for spring co-ord inspiration.

9. Ripped mid-wash denim jeans


Ripped mid-wash denim jeans have seen a major resurgence globally.

The dark or raw denim is a menswear staple, and often worn with a graphic tee. A few shades lighter, the mid-wash version is casual and goes with almost everything. The look is stylish, yet comfortable.

10. Graphic tee


This style has been on the cards for some time and in spring it goes full tilt.

Wear your graphic tee in an over-sized fit with high-topped shoes and ripped jeans for more edge. This is a creative take on the trend.