keyboard slides

Would you rock a pair of these keyboard slides? Images via Twitter: @lekausehoana

Work as you walk: Would you rock these viral keyboard slides?

‘Our computers are not safe anymore,’ wrote one Twitter user after seeing the funky ‘keyboard slides’ which have gone viral online.

keyboard slides

Would you rock a pair of these keyboard slides? Images via Twitter: @lekausehoana

Over the years, millions of trends have come and gone. It goes without saying that some of the trends that have gone viral have been big hits while others can simply be described as questionable. Another somewhat questionable trend is being mocked online and it may just be because people aren’t quite ready to walk around with keyboards on their feet.

A snap of the “keyboard slides” were shared on Twitter by Drip Footwear founder Lekau Sehoana who couldn’t help but laugh at some of the shoe designs hitting the market these days.

Keyboard slides get mixed reactions

A long time ago, crocs were frowned upon by many people who swore they would never be caught dead in a pair. Now many years later, they have become quite fashionable and are even worn by many celebs.

This may just happen with a pair of slides that have been designed to look like a computer keyboard.

Taking to Twitter on 9 June this year, Drip founder Lekau Sehoana shared a photo of the shoes which he captioned:

“Good Morning the Land of Cntr+Alt+Del. Walk and Work lol… ”

Mzansi cracks jokes galore

It goes without saying that the shoes got a good roasting from Twitter users who pride themselves on having a golden sense of humour.

While some people wondered whether people have actually bought a pair, others made some hilarious keyboard jokes.

Here are some of those comments:

@BeekayMalepe said:

“Finally, even us programmers will have dress codes.”

@IamNtandoSibizo said:

“Our computers are not safe anymore”

@zarricah said:

“yeah they look good but realistically speaking, I feel like it’s delaying those things to from recycling, why don’t you make those keypads of a spongy material, it can look better.”

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