Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Gold, Silver
Image by Yash Parashar, unsplash

Five Watches Every Man Should Own

From divers to dress watches, we break down what watches you should look to purchase to give your wrist game that much-needed rotation. 


Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Gold, Silver
Image by Yash Parashar, unsplash

The world of horology has been around for as long as mankind existed. From telling time using the sky and its planets to modern-day timepieces that consist of numerous complications, timekeeping is something that has developed with the human race. These days wrist watches include complications like the moon phase, which pays homage to horology’s age-old tradition. While watches become more and more available, and producers from the far corner of the earth produce watches that create a stir in Switzerland, the industry and market have never been hotter. Prices of luxury timepieces are skyrocketing, classic and vintage watches have once again become fashionable, and the range of styles available to watch enthusiasts keeps on widening. 

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While smartwatches have become an accessory most Millennials, and Gen Zs can’t seem to go without, there is a whole movement where these young people are turning to luxury timepieces. After all, even Apple can’t compete with the style, look and quality of a classic Rolex. 

We at The South African have decided to draw up a list of watches you should look to purchase to give your wrist game that much-needed rotation. 

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Dress watches are meant to accentuate the look of your swankiest tailored pieces. These watches come at a price, but then again, they are crafted from the finest materials. A dress watch is a must-have in any respectable man’s wardrobe. Gone are the days when dress watches were simple, these days, dress watches feature all kinds of sophisticated complications. 


Introduced in the ‘50s to assist scuba divers keep tabs on their underwater air supply, these watches have made waves in the world of horology. The style has become iconic, while at the same delivering the kind of reliability that every man seeks. Perhaps the most famous is the Rolex Submariner, which won’t only keep your time in check, but your style too. 

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Before the advent of the smartwatch, which seeks to be durable and rugged, there was the Field Watch. The watch was designed to be durable and rugged but has since become collector’s pieces around the world – case in point, the Rolex Explorer II, and the Montblanc 1858 Geosphere watches. 


Pilot’s watches are defined by the fact that it has prominent and easily legible numerals. Think Bell & Ross, the round face set in a square frame, with big, bright numbers. Back then the watch was designed to handle the circumstances with flying in the cockpit was an open-air experience. These days watches tend to be more sophisticated and fitted with all kinds of complications. 

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There’s something about a Tag Heuer with that Racing Green face that catches the eye every single time. While the colour has that effect, racing watches, otherwise known as chronographs, include a tachymeter, a complication that measures speed. These were the watches that were worn to track speed long before the advent of the smartwatch. These days luxury brands make including Omega and Rolex produce Racing Watches that will elevate any look of yours, no matter if you’re on the sports field or in the boardroom.