Bella Hadid wears Di Petsa wet look dress

Image via Instagram

Bella Hadid’s wet-look dress inspired by ‘bodily fluids’ breaks the internet!

Model Bella Hadid has shut down Instagram after she posted a pic of herself in a Di Petsa dress, which is ‘inspired by bodily fluids’…

Bella Hadid wears Di Petsa wet look dress

Image via Instagram

A revealing dress worn by model Bella Hadid has broken the internet…

But it’s not just the sexy snaps that have fans intrigued, it’s the inspiration behind it.

According to designer in demand, Di Petsa, the wet-look dress — which has taken over fashion trends — was “inspired by bodily fluids”.


The dress worn by Bella Hadid was carefully crafted by the label Di Petsa from Greek fashion designer Dimitra Petsa, who created a collection of clothes called ‘Wetness’ after she urinated herself in public.

She told of the incident: “It wasn’t an accident however, it was part of my performance art…I decided to pee my pants in public, in a crowded subway in Athens.

“To me, that was the ultimate metaphor for letting go – both of my bodily fluids and of my shame. That’s how I finally came up with my first design.”

Dimitiri’s designs emulate bodily fluids like sweat, urine and even breast milk, giving the illusion of a ‘wet look’.

The illusion is created in a very unique way; Dimitri soaks a stretchy fabric in water and then leaves it to drape over a mannequin. She then carefully and timeously pins the folds and air bubbles the wetness creates in the material, which she later sews by hand.

Di Petsi’s creations have also been seen on other stars like Megan Fox, Kylie Jenner, Doja Cat and Bella’s big sister Gigi.


It’s not the first daring look from Bella Hadid, or the last we suspect.

The model had Cannes Film Festival goers doing a double take when she walked the red carpet, essentially baring her breasts in an dramatic Schiaparelli dress, created by Daniel Roseberry.

The chest area of the form-fitting black dress was cut out and adorned with a unique gold necklace dipped in Swarovski crystals, which resembled a pair of lungs and it’s bronchial passages.

But whilst Bella Hadid relished in the avante-garde look, she has recalled being embarrassed by another iconic Cannes look worn by her in 2016.

Reflecting on the moment, the young star told Vogue’sLife in Looks YouTube series; “So, this is apparently a very iconic red dress moment. I was nervous in this dress, I look very sexual and all these things.

“I was still nervous about cameras and nervous about having a lot of make-up on and nervous about this slit.”

The stunning star also confessed to suffering a wardrobe malfunction in the Alexandre Vauthier piece.

“Thank God, I think that there was one little slip that happened. But I kind of get embarrassed of this moment still, even though the dress is gorgeous.”