Can this nail polish be the ‘u

Nail polish dubbed ‘ugliest colour in the world’. Image via Instagram @j.hannah.

Can this nail polish be the ‘ugliest colour in the world’?

Calling your product the ‘ugliest colour in the world’ is not the mandatory marketing strategy. However, it seems to be working!

Can this nail polish be the ‘u

Nail polish dubbed ‘ugliest colour in the world’. Image via Instagram @j.hannah.

Jewellery maker J Hannah has called her brand’s latest nail polish shade, “Compost”, the “ugliest colour in the world” via an Instagram post on 9 August.


While other brands aim to have the prettiest colours, J Hannah has chosen an alternative route. Last week the jewellery maker released an olive-inspired shade of nail polish which is titled Compost and the designer mentioned that market researchers have found this to be the “ugliest colour in the world”. 

She explained Compost is a statement between the revolting and the luxurious, as well as the hideous and refined. 

“We’re thrilled for you to meet the newest color in the JH polish collection — COMPOST — inspired by Pantone 448C, a “drab” olive-brown referred to by market researchers as “the ugliest color in the world,” wrote J Hannah on Instagram. 

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According to J Hannah, Compost is: 

  • Baroque Mulch;
  • Caviar Season;
  • Jole-Laide, which means “pretty and ugly” in French;
  • A statement in the nuanced line between the revolting and the luxurious, between the hideous and the refined.

The idea was sparked with the perception that there is really no such thing as “the ugliest colour” and therefore wants to give the shade the ” redemption tour” it deserves, as she explains that the colour was previously selected for a cigarette brand specifically to deter smokers. 

“The colour (PANTONE 448 C) was officially selected in 2016 by Australian marketers for cigarette packaging with the aim to deter smokers with its ultimate unattractiveness. The Australian Department of Health then referred to the color as an “olive green” only to be clapped back by the Australian Olive Association, voicing concern over the association with such a controversial shade,” wrote J. Hannah on Instagram.

“But like PANTONE, who reaffirmed that every color is considered equal — that there is “no such thing as the ugliest color” — we agree the shade deserves a redemption tour. Scroll through for a  bit more of our COMPOST mood board in context,” she continued.


Dubbing your own product “ugly” may not be the first choice in marketing. However, this did not seem to deter customers. Many took to the comments section of the post to share their thoughts and surprisingly, they weren’t negative. 

“Oh I love it! Someone recently DMd me to let me know me my miso polish looked like ‘toe fungus’ so I guess I’m just an ‘ugly color’ sorta gal ????,” wrote @oursouthwestnest. 

“Gorgeous!!,” wrote @cheftarathomas. 

“It is gorgeous! Will this be added as an option to set of 3?,” wrote @something.about.lea.

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