Evita Bezuidenhout takes on a

Photo: Twitter/TannieEvita

Evita Bezuidenhout takes on a new look for milestone birthday [photos]

Tannie Evita Bezuidenhout recently celebrated a milestone birthday and to add to the celebrations, even got a new hairstyle thrown into the mix.

Evita Bezuidenhout takes on a

Photo: Twitter/TannieEvita

After Evita Bezuidenhout turned 85-years-old on 28 September, she went on to reveal a new look to celebrate the occasion.

A milestone birthday

“After six months of lockdown and no weekly hairdresser, I take on a new look for my 85 birthday,” she said in a tweet later that day.

Pieter Dirk Uys later said that he calls it her “Helen Mirren’ look!

It is reported that to celebrate this impressive milestone, Evita se Perron, the Darling-based entertainment hub declared it National Swartland Kitchen Beskuit Day.

Evita se Peron said: “A multitude of changes also took place at Evita se Perron during lockdown. Tannie Evita, also the mother of cooking, made space for Swartland Kitchen to fill the heart of the Perron. Rusks are a South African favourite and Swartland Kitchen rusks are the Tannie’s choice.”

For tannie Evita, this made her day even more special.

“With my new hairdo and a box or two of Swartland rusks – which I have declared the ‘Official Rusk of the Republic of Bapetikosweti’ – I couldn’t ask for a better birthday,” the doyenne of Darling and beyond said later.

Tannie Evita and Cyril

Earlier this year, a video of Evita and President Cyril Ramaphosa taken 26 years ago resurfaced. In the clip, Ramaphosa and Evita are seen trout-fishing, and you can hear Ramaphosa reassuring Evita to hold on to him if she’s scared, that he will help… even though he can’t swim.

She responds that “that’s what we all say in South Africa – if you feel you’re sinking, hold onto Cyril”.

It is reported that the filming apparently took place at Walkersons in Dullstroom in 1994, for an episode from MNET’s “Funigalore”, directed by Pieter Cilliers.

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