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DStv latest: Three popular channels axed, as two new ones announced

Dozens of popular shows are getting cut from DStv at the end of the month. This is what you need to know about the outgoing channels, and the two newbies.


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You’ve probably heard about the lengths DStv is going to in order to shake-up their programming. Well, subscribers look set to lose three popular channels and gain two brand-new ones. The announcement was made earlier in the week, but details are now trickling through about the replacement service.

It’s been a whirlwind few days for the broadcaster, so it’s best to recap what’s happening and share the details of what’s to come. Sorry to tell you all, but a few absolute favourites are up for the chop:

The big changes coming to TV in South Africa:

What channels are DStv removing?

  • History (DStv 186): Provides insightful documentaries and educational entertainment shows.
  • Crime+Investigation Network (DStv 170): Delivers everything in its channel name.
  • Lifetime (DStv 131): Home to romantic films, reality TV shows and lifestyle doccies.
  • Date they go offline: Their contract with DStv will run out on 1 November.

TV shows that South Africans will lose

A host of local shows in production, such as Crime Stories SA, Don’t Tell the Bride SA and Loved Like Crazy, now face an uncertain future after they were produced for some of the axed DStv channels. It’s likely another network could pick them up, but these international shows are all set for the chop too:

Surviving R Kelly, Forged in Fire, American Pickers, Curse of Oak Island, Damien Lewis Spy Wars, The First 48, Homicide Hunter, Married at First Sight, Little Women, Lifetime movies, Lost Gold of World War 2, Watergate, Treasures Decoded, Intervention, Live PD: Police Patrol, Darkest Taboos and Murdertown.

Why are DStv getting rid of Crime, History and Lifetime?

Well, DStv say its because they want to pursue new options and freshen-up their existing content packages. However, a representative for the A+E Network told the media that there was a war of words with MultiChoice, and they made it clear that the three outgoing channels “don’t offer good value to the subscribers”.

Somewhere between their conflicting version of events lies the truth. You’ve also got independent TV expert Thinus Ferreira claiming that renewals were on the table, only for negotiations to break down on both sides.

New channels coming to DStv: What you can expect

MultiChoice says it will soon be announcing the introduction of two new channels to DStv. The first is an established global brand and the other is a new, innovative brand”. Both channels will bring exciting new titles and genres that viewers will really enjoy. But not much more is being revealed.

The disappearance of the Crime and History channels opens up a considerable gap in the market for factual programming, and that’s exactly what we can expect from the newbies: “Blue-chip documentaries” – as in, your top tier investigative stuff – feature on the new package, as do more reality-based and historical shows. So we could be witnessing some like-for-like changes by the end of this month.