valentine dogs

Adopt a dog or even two dogs this Valentine’s Day. Image via Unsplash

No Valentine? No Problem! These shelter dogs are ready to make your day

Valentine’s Day is upon us and if you haven’t got a partner, it’s not too late. Adopt a dog from Paws R Us and make a special dog’s day!

valentine dogs

Adopt a dog or even two dogs this Valentine’s Day. Image via Unsplash

Valentine’s Day is upon us people, whether or not we like it. By now, many people already have their plans in place for the special day of love with those they love. But not everyone is on top of the ball. For those who have no plans or any idea what they can do to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this dog shelter has the perfect plan and the perfect dogs!

Adopt a dog to be your Valentine!

For many singles, Valentine’s Day is the absolute worse. This is because while everyone is loved up with their partners sipping red wine and eating chocolates and strawberries, singles are usually stuck watching some rom-com that they’ve probably seen a number of times before.

This luckily doesn’t have to be a thing anymore since Paws R Us is a pro-life animal shelter that is welcoming guests to come and adopt one of their 150 dogs who would be more than happy to keep a single happy and loved this Valentine’s Day.

This weekend, they welcomed people from Kyalami and surrounding areas to a fundraising event where people were welcome to take photos and spend some time with the dogs from the home.

Dogs are not only for singles

The best thing about adopting a dog is that they fit well in any family. So even couples who’re looking for their next best friend are welcome to visit the shelter and choose a little dog to take home.

Paws R Us uses the money they raise to support the rescues in kennels and purchase quality food for the dogs. They also pay for monthly kenneling bills and monthly rescue vet bills.

The non-profit company employs kennel staff, so they are also involved in job creation, Good Things Guy reports.

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