google play app installed when it is inot

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Google Play Store: How to solve “app installed” on device when it is not

Google, and all its integrated apps, have made our lives a whole lot simpler. But sometimes, the Play Store has a mind of its own and one particularly irksome problem can drive you around the bend.

google play app installed when it is inot

Photo: Unsplash

Occasionally, the Google Play Store has a mind of its own. Sometimes, devices, especially media boxes plugged into your TV, has issues with accessing it.

The Play Store either refuses to open or crashes all together. You try everything and, eventually, you resort to hard reset.

But with that reset comes a new dilemma. You still can’t access the Play Store and, even worse, when you try to install apps remotely from your computer, it tells you that the app is already installed on the device you’re trying to use.

Not great. You might try a factory reset again. You might try clearing the cache and data on the device you’re trying to use. Sometimes, these solutions don’t work.

Logically, you assume you must remove the device from your account. Sounds easy, right?

Chances are you’ve searched the internet far and wide and stumbled across the solution that tells you to go to your account settings, head over to “manage devices” and remove the offending device from the list.

The only problem is that as of 2019, that option is no longer available. And that’s how the endless loop of frustration starts.

You might have tried everything and stopped short of throwing the offending device in the trash.

But there is one possible solution. This won’t work for everyone – and it might not even work all the time. However, we have tried and tested this with success.

How to solve Google Play saying an app is installed on a device when it is not

  1. Turn off the offending device.
  2. Turn your main device to airplane mode.
  3. Clear the cache / data of the Play Store on your main device (with it turned to airplane mode).
  4. You can press and hold the Play Store app icon, click on the ‘i’ and, from “storage” you should be able to clear the cache.
  5. You can also clear the cache / data by going to settings > general > apps and notifications and finding the Play Store through there.
  6. Restart your phone, keeping it airplane mode.
  7. Now, through a laptop or desktop, access the Play Store and find the app you would like to install.
  8. From here, you should be able to install the app on the device you were having trouble with – as per the screenshot below. We’re using Spotify for this example. Click install and select the device you want to install the app on.
google play app installed when it is inot
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Now, turn that device back on. Give it some time and check if the apps are installing correctly. You can now take your other device out of airplane mode.

A note on the above method: make sure when you access the Play Store from your desktop or laptop you are using the same Google Play Store account you are going to link your media device to.