Watch: SuzelleDIY’s nifty load


Watch: SuzelleDIY’s nifty load shedding survival kit [video]

SuzelleDIY shows us how to prepare for load shedding with her nifty ‘How to make a load shedding survival kit’ web episode.

Watch: SuzelleDIY’s nifty load


While Eskom teased fewer load shedding occurrences for the weekend, it might still come in handy to prepare yourself for another weekend or week without electricity.

Luckily, SuzelleDIY is here to help.

Even though the video is three years old, it is still applicable today as Eskom implemented stage 4 rotational power cuts on Friday, 15 March. And though, a week later, the power utility downgraded its load shedding schedule to stage 2, Suzelle’s tips and tricks for surviving load shedding might still come in handy.

So, how do you make a load shedding survival kit?

According to Suzelle, you’ll need a big tool box, some Velcro, torches, batteries, a propane cooker, a kettle, a mug, some wine glasses, party cups, empty milk bottles, head torches, aerials, bicycle lights and your favorite game (like Jenga).

Suzelle makes all sorts of fun and easy stuff to put into your big ‘load shedding box’ in order to make load shedding more bearable. She even makes some romantic lights for ambiance and a simple and easy-to-make DIY cellphone charger.

See for yourself what’s in Suzelle’s nifty load shedding kit:

There’s it!

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Don’t miss out on other ideas by your favorite South African DIY specialist.

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