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Die Spreeus: What you need to know about kykNET’s first supernatural series

‘Die Spreeus’ premieres on Tuesday 9 April, on kykNET at 20:00.

Die Spreeus kykNET

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Die Spreeus plot

Die Spreeus features two fearless detectives – portrayed by Chris Vorster and Monique Rockman – as they investigate strange phenomenon every week.

What makes Die Spreeus unique is that it also tackles various stories from South African culture, including the tokoloshe and the Ghost from Uniondale. Wikus Du Toit explains:

“The first episode is based on a CJ Langenhoven story, ‘The ruin at
Wilgerdal.’ Later there is also an episode about Antjie Somers, about the ‘Ghost of Uniondale,’ there’s one about the tokoloshe.”

Die Spreeus preview

What lies ahead? Well, according to kykNET:

From a fearsome army of ghosts claiming their revenge, a supernatural meeting at a ruin and a woman who disappears and returns with a very scary difference to an autistic boy who can see into the future, an aggressive creature and a visitor from the past who can’t seem to find rest – make sure you aren’t home alone Tuesday nights.

Die Spreeus cast

Main cast

Chris Vorster

Die Spreeus kykNET
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Ryno from 7de Laan returns to TV as detective Bas Koorts. Koorts is a changed man after losing his wife and is now a shadow of the man who was able to put fear in Cape flats gangs.

Sandi Schultz

Die Spreeus kykNET
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Schultz is known for her roles in Binnelanders and Hotel. She is cast as Rosa Scheffers, a brigadier in the SAPD and patron of the Spreeus Investigating Unit. She comes from a background of poverty, but due to her ambition, she was able to work her way up.

Monique Rockman

Die Spreeus kykNET
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Rockman (Nommer 37) portrays Beatrice Mack, an intelligent and feisty young officer. She studied science and math after school but joined the police force – partly to irritate her dad.

Supporting cast

  • Schalk Bezuidenhout
  • Lea Vivier
  • Ludwig Binge
  • Denise Newman
  • Jana Strydom
  • Albert Pretorius
  • De Klerk Oelofse
  • Rolanda Marais
  • Trix Vivier
  • Carel Nel
  • Neels van Jaarsveld
  • Tarryn Wyngaard
  • Deon Coetzee
  • Stian Bam
  • Kim Cloete
  • Nicole Fortuin
  • Christia Visser
  • Marvin Lee Beukes
  • Edwin van der Walt
  • Charlton George
  • Jacques Bessenger
  • Crystal Donna Roberts
  • Rehane Abrahams

Additional information

  • Season: 1
  • Episodes: 13
  • Age restriction: TBA (assumed to be PG 13 or 16)
  • Produced by: Marche Media
  • Director: Jaco Bouwer

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