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Your iPhone is tracking your frequent locations: Here’s how to turn it off

Are you familiar with the location settings on your iPhone? You should be.


Image via: Archive photo

Your iPhone is probably tracking and storing all the locations you visit.

Have you seen the “Significant Locations” setting on your iPhone? If you answered no, we aren’t surprised. Many people aren’t aware of this feature because it is activated automatically.

Business Insider alerted us to “Location Settings” and it is rather difficult to find unless you are specifically looking for it.

“Significant Locations” is hidden at the bottom of an obscure “General System” menu. We forgive you if you were hesitant to change any of these settings should it result in your phone exploding.

It is eerily detailed. We aren’t talking just general location. There are addresses, dates and even details on how much time was spent at a place. It even knows how long it took for you to drive there.

Now we aren’t saying “they” are listening in, nor are we saying there is anything sinister going on but it doesn’t make us a wee bit uncomfortable.

Grab your tin foil hats

Apple states that this is “to learn places that are significant to you in order to provide useful location-related information.” They also state it is encrypted and cannot be read by them.

Sure Apple, sure.

Here is how to turn it off.

Open your Settings app and scroll down to “Privacy.”

Select the “Location Services” options and click to open.

Then scroll down the list to “System Services.” You will be able to turn off which Apps you authorise to use your location from here should you wish to.

Play around. You will see that when you click on each individual location the date, time and number of visits are shown.

When you click through again, you will be able to see the location as well as the time it took to get there and mode of transport used.

Make sure that you clear your history before turning “Significant Locations” off.

Congratulations your location data is not being saved by your phone.