Dance school in Gugulethu aims

Image Credit: Instagram/movefortwo

Dance school in Gugulethu aims to uplift youth

The founders of the dance school quit their previous day jobs to launch Move For Two.

Dance school in Gugulethu aims

Image Credit: Instagram/movefortwo

The school is based in the heart of Gugulethu, where Jessica Bester and Natasha Buratovich Coetsee give afternoon classes for children who have little else to do.

Coetsee said in an interview with Gareth Van Zyl from Biznews Radio that her personal motivation for starting the school was to work with children and give back to the community. She added:

“I think that both Jess and myself both have a call to teaching. Both of us have been teaching for a long time. But even when I was a little girl, I just wanted to work with communities that are less privileged.”

Before they gave up their day jobs to pursue their dream, Bester was a dancing teacher at a school in Henshilwood, Wynberg, and Coetsee was running her own dance school while teaching at schools in the area on a freelance basis.

They’ve partnered with Bonga Primary School, where some of their students range in ages from five to ten years. They also offer two classes – at junior and senior level – at Phankiso Centre.

“Our juniors are little. They are between 6 and 8, and then the oldest boy that we teach is 16. So, that is quite an age gap, but he’s in a class of his own with other girls and boys of his age.”

Not only do children learn to dance, but will they also gain valuable lessons in teamwork, discipline, responsibility and confidence. The duo explains on their website:

“We will give children the opportunity to perform on stage with all proceeds feeding back into their community.”

The duo hopes to partner with more businesses and companies because more support means they can spend more time doing what they do best: teaching children how to dance. They are already partnered with Urbian, Henri, The Dance Co, The Dance Centre, and Bashews, to name a few.

If you want to support Move For Two, join their growing community by contributing R450 per month. The donation can be made through their website and will enable one child to dance. Once-off contributions can also be made.

Stay in touch with Move For Two on Instagram and Facebook, or contact them through the details provided on their website.

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