Mr Smeg Sizwe Dhlomo

Mr Smeg and Sizwe Dhlomo. mage via Instagram (@sizwedhlomo) and Twitter (@michealbucwa)

“You’re allegedly infertile” – Mr Smeg trolls Sizwe Dhlomo on Twitter

“You’re allegedly infertile” – Sizwe Dhlomo is topping trends after Mr Smeg trolled him over his alleged infertility on Twitter.

Mr Smeg Sizwe Dhlomo

Mr Smeg and Sizwe Dhlomo. mage via Instagram (@sizwedhlomo) and Twitter (@michealbucwa)

Sizwe Dhlomo and Mr Smeg are topping trends after the two took swipes against each other on Twitter.

The two got into a heated argument that set social media abuzz.

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Their twar came in the backdrop of Mr Smeg’s tweet about women who multi-date. In his Twitter thread, he was warning men to avoid being used by such women.

No doubt the tweet sparked a debate that later turned personal between Mr Smeg and Sizwe Dhlomo.

Mr Smeg tweeted: “Imagine waiting in line for 5 years for a girl who is Multi-dating other guys. booking flights and buying expensive gifts and still get friendzoned. It can never be me, NOSKE NDIFE! That guy deserves an award for best Simp of the Decade.”

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However, in the backdrop of his tweet Sizwe Dhlomo took a swipe at the influencer by reminding him how he went about with his famous red kettle, which has become his signature over the years.

Sizwe Dhlomo tweeted: “Didn’t you date a kettle? Lol!”

Despite Sizwe Dhlomo poking fun a Smeg’s post in a hilarious manner, the influencer seemingly took it seriously and went after the bubbly media personality.

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Mr Smeg revealed Sizwe Dhlomo’s alleged infertility, which has often thrust him into the top trends. Mr Smeg posted: “I heard that you are allegedly infertile.”

On the other hand, the radio personality didn’t back down as he pulled a clap back leaving their followers entertained by their twar showdown.

Dhlomo tweeted: “Lol! Even if I was, it wouldn’t stop me from sonning you though. Aren’t you the guy that used to eat is’bindi esiluhlaza for attention?”